November 23rd, 2006



It figures the one time that LJ's auto-save thing doesn't screw with my postings...

Oh well. I originally started this off with a bitch-fest about the Wow commercial where they edit stuff into Office Space footage and then a question about exactly what bizarre cocktail of drugs it takes to produce Adult Swim's latest series.

And then I had to restart my browser, which is supposed to be what the Auto-save feature is for. Which naturally means that I lost my whole rant. Suffice it to say, I think the commercial is almost as stupid as Assy McGee. Let's move on.

There isn't going to be much going on gaming-wise this week, so theoretically I could put this off a while but I'm squeezing it out now before I get distracted by more shiny things.

Collapse )

Okay, that's it for my gaming stuff for the moment.

Happy Turkey Day, folks.