December 21st, 2006


Man, where did the year go?

First off, a meme that tends to circulate this time of year... Go through your journal for this past year and post the first sentence from each month:

January: I'm trying to think of folks I know in Ohio who can help with this, but no luck so far...

February: Did some writing at the Book n Bean earlier after my late class.

March: Oy... looks like we're going to have to have some work done on the bathroom.

April: Yup, I'm here.

May: Man, this Friday will be the day I hit quarter of a century.

June: Like I said, earlier this week I visited my brother in prison.

July: Checking in briefly from Origins, just checking LiveJournal and the like before I hit the Cam LARP shortly.

August: It's too gorram hot out.

September: Hm, a couple of things...

October: Not much has been going on here besides gaming stuff, really.

November: This past weekend was a bare minimum of real gaming, and I can live with a break like that from time to time.

December: I wound up having to get up early today to install some handrails on the building where I live so we don't lose our insurance.

Well, post-wise, I guess this year was more interesting than last year.

In unrelated news, those 'Happy Holidays' things on Adult Swim that have the people with the Black Hole Sun faces are really freaking me out.

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And, I'm out. See ya.