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Wednesday, December 27th, 2006

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My Christmas present to you all was putting this off. ;)
Yeah, that's the ticket.

I hope everyone had a safe and pleasant Holiday-of-their-Choice, whether Christmas or Life Day or Monday (hey, some people juggle geese) or "I Hate X-Mas" Day.

Either I've just got bad luck, or... bad luck. I ordered a replacement garage remote from a company online a while back, and when it got here it didn't work properly (it will only trigger the receiver if I'm standing directly beneath it and holding it right next to the antenna; anything further away does nothing)... I checked all of the appropriate troubleshooting stuff, and told them, and they said "Send it back, and we'll send you a replacement." I sent it back, and they said "Actually, it turns out we're out of stock at the moment. But we happen to have one that's been opened but is new. Want to wait a few weeks or want us to just send that one?" I'm beyond caring at this point, so I tell them to go ahead.

Well, I got it today. What's odd is that the package didn't seem to have been opened at all (unless they put it in a fresh package for some reason), and it has the same problem. So, either I've just got crummy luck getting one from this particular company, or it's just a quirk with that brand. I'm just giving up on that one and I'm gonna try getting one elsewhere. At the very least, I'm going to check local hardware stores so I don't have to mail stuff back and forth.

In unrelated news, I'm gonna try again for the AnthroCon conbook this year. Last year I finished in plenty of time and put off sending it out and never got my submission out... of course, it's been too long since I've worked on any of the stories in that series anyhow. But I was looking over the guidelines for this coming year's conbook and an idea just suddenly came to me.

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Oh, and for fans of XKCD, check this out!

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