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Random update from me


Still alive, still 25 years old. *sigh*

Been kinda busy, been a little nuts lately. However, my finals are now taken care of, which is a good thing.

Hit the Book n Bean earlier and between Shomo and another guy there, I was too distracted to actually get any writing done. Which is a shame, really, given that I really wanted to get some story ideas that have been coming to me down on PDA (as opposed to, y'know, paper). I'm getting some of that stuff down in between bouts of typing this, actually (let's face it, the only way I can handle ADD is by 'riding the wave' and multitasking in ways that make next to no sense to a rational person).

Haven't heard back yet on the Alderac job. Should hear sometime this week whether or not I move on to Phase 3. As near as I could tell, I did my best with what I had to work with in terms of time, reference material, and word count. I'm strongly suspecting that it won't be good enough. However, whether I make it or not, knowing that Shawn Carman has decided to stay on as a Story Team guy makes me feel better about things as a whole. Sure, I bet he'll have tough standards to live up to, since he'll be helping to choose the new Story Team. But on the very slim chance I get the job in the end, it'll be good to know that he'll be around for the indeterminate future to help keep me from sucking. If I don't, well... I feel genuinely better knowing he's still involved with the game.

In unrelated news, I wonder what the recent fascination is with people who 'find' haunted or cursed items in their house that ruin their lives but seem to have no problem taking money to inflict the horror on others.
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