January 2nd, 2007


Happy Sun Rotation

Y'know, I told myself I wasn't going to do one of those kinda-rambling, thoughtful, "looking to the year ahead" sort of posts. But y'know what? I'm gonna be doing a kinda-rambling, thoughtful, "thinking about the future" post at some point, and there's no point in putting it off just to arbitrarily avoid a box on a calendar.

But first, as something of a minor preview for my upcoming gaming post, I've got a quote from this past Thursday's Promethean game...

Steve Rogers: "The last time I was on a plane, I fell out."

And a quote from the previous game that I forgot to put into the writeup (which will go into the ptc_playtest version of the writeup). It comes from right after Rudolf got his massive Pyros charge from the lightning spirits and his Electroshock Recharge Transmutation...

Rudolf: "I think I need a cigarette."
Steve Rogers: "Will a Lucky Strike do?"
Rudolf: "That's an irony, but an irony I can accept."

I'm not one to do the whole New Year's resolution/"this is the crap I need to do this year" sort of posts, really. Just kind of some random reflections on things.

I'm really thinking hard about whether I want to go to Origins this year. I mean, on the one hand, it's pretty close to me-- easy to drive to and all that. But I'm just wondering if I'd be better off saving my cash and attending Gen-Con instead. Although there is a chance I could probably afford both, given that with any luck I won't have to, say, replace a car this year. I'm just wondering, though, what I'd do if I have to pick one or the other.

On the one hand, I can reach Origins without having to fly (I don't honestly think I can handle a road trip that long). Also, while I tend to be alone when I'm at Origins, as someone pointed out once sometimes having a weekend mostly to yourself is quite pleasant (something I can't deny).

However, there is just more stuff to do at Gen-Con. Also, I'm infinitely more likely to run into people I know from the net there; and while I do occasionally appreciate a weekend alone, spending it with 'new' people is the next best thing. Of course, though, it's most likely going to mean flying, and I'm not particularly fond of that for a trip that short.

Whichever convention I attend this year, one thing I'm going to have to decide is whether or not I want to run anything. I'm not planning on running enough games to get a free membership or anything like that, and is it really worth it otherwise? I mean, do you get anything for running just one or two games? Other than, y'know, the joy of running a game at a convention. I've got a couple of story ideas in my head that would translate well to one-shots (NWoD games, mostly), and trying them out in a convention setting would work better than doing it locally. Of course, if they work out at a convention, I wouldn't be above maybe running one of them as a buffer between local tabletop games or posting online somewhere to share with others, but that's beyond the scope of this discussion.

As a side-note, should I wind up attending both cons... is it as awkward as it sounds to run the same one-shot at multiple conventions?

Something I do really need to do is start figuring out what I really want to do after I leave Fairmont. I mean, I'm going to eventually. My family gets on my nerves, but for the most part I've got a pretty good setup here-- I mean, it's not like I'm stuck in a basement apartment for double the rent I should be paying. I don't normally talk about the fact that I lucked out in the 'family wealth' department, because it tends to sound like bragging and people like to throw it back in my face when they feel the need to end an argument by pissing me off so much I lose my grip on it. But I've stopped apologizing for it a long time ago, so I've got no problem pointing out that I'm in a good spot because I own the place where I live. Or at least half of it. For better or worse, it's not something that I'm going to casually lose because of a slump in the economy or because I have some nasty luck that makes me default on a loan. Like it or love it, that gives me a pretty comfortable cushion to sit on.

But I'm getting off my initial topic. My point being, I've put off figuring where I'm going to go long enough but I still have some leeway in sorting things out. First off, I need to finish college. I've thought about teaching, but whether my degree comes of something there's still the inescapable fact that unless you're a prodigy in some field who becomes a self-made millionaire then people in the 'grown-up' world will still put more stock in a piece of paper than they ever will on your actual capabilities. I dunno; beyond teaching, one thing I've thought of getting into was opening up a gaming store, or at least a bookstore of some sort. I know, I know, a gaming store is probably a bad idea, especially with this apparent slump the industry is in. But fact of the matter is, whether something important or not, I have to do something with my existence, and I can't think of much else that I think I'd be able to do that I'd want to at least try. It's stupid, I know, but if the worst-case scenario is that I wind up in a cubicle or crawling back to Fairmont to take up office space at the beer distributor my family co-owns, then why shouldn't I at least try something I want to do first?
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