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Another day, another rambling post

Ah, hey, me again.

Got some writing done tonight, and I'm almost done with the 'Three Men' series, finally. One little epilogue scene and that'll be another one of my L5R fanfic miniseries done with for the moment. The website I usually post my L5R stuff on has been hacked for the second time in the last month so I'll probably wind up posting links to my L5R fic page up on the main Alderac forums. Besides, if I'm lucky it might make me a little more visible and help with the whole 'applying for a job' thing.

Also, in unrelated news, I just haven't gotten around to mentioning that my brother got arrested Friday afternoon for trying to fake a drug test (surprise, surprise). Not gonna go into more detail here; I just needed to mention it to get it out of the way.

The last session was a rough one. After spending a couple of months or so letting the plot lie there and gather dust while things continued around them, they all decided to tear into it with a vengeance.

Brin used Soothsay to track down Helmut, leading the Fae of Morgantown to the new shopping plaza. They found him next to a building currently under construction, where they confronted him and tried to use one of Brin's abilities to get the truth out of him. He had a walkie-talkie clipped to his belt, obviously transmitting the conversation to someone. He kept making a couple of obvious comments, making reference to "coming here and blowing some motherfuckers up," something very different from the Goblin's normal speech patterns. They were, however, able to get out of him that the reactor was built somewhere underwater but they weren't able to get exact directions where.

After a while, someone on the other end of the radio began to count down. Helmut tried to make a break for it, and during the struggle unleashed the power of Contempt on Brin. The other Fae, including a Nocker named Dexter, rendered him unconscious but not before Brin was put into a rage that destroyed Helmut's radio and started beating up on a new Sidhe in town. This went on for a while. A big cartoony bomb thing was chucked up on the parking lot after a motorcycle could be heard driving up the hill and when it went off, everyone felt a sensation of utter and unholy terror. Helmut was dragged back to the Freehold, where he couldn't be woken up.

Elsewhere, at about about the same time ICly, Ivan, Joshua, and Jason (our experimental 'token mortal PC') used Will of the Wisp to try and track down the rest of the group called 'The Morgantown Project.' The floating, glowing orb led them to the river. In fact, it led them into the river, where the water was a lot warmer than it should have been. But they didn't have the resources at the time to do a full expedition.

While this was going on, Gabriella had shown up and was making a big speech of some sort. I was busy running a scene, so I missed out on it, but I'm told that it involved discussing the possibility of siding with the Shadow Court. I just know that and the fact that apparently all it takes for a noble to retain power in Morgantown these days is making a speech every now and again. Maybe the game takes place in Season 7 of Buffy and I missed it, I dunno. I stay out of IC politics.

Also, during all this, there was some conflict where a new Troll in town got into an argument with Kael ap Eiluned, apparently fighting over the right to kill Helmut. The situation was rendered moot when Dexter went inside and found that Helmut had apparently escaped from the Freehold. And that's about where things left off with a 'To be continued...'

Things got interesting at the Vampire game. My character was approached during the week by another Malk who called himself The Voice of the Free State. He was trying to get my character on his side in an upcoming rise of the Anarchs in the area. My character gave him a basic but truthful answer: he has no interest in politics, only the spiritual well-being of the Cainites around him.

But shortly after things got started, David called a big meeting where he said, in so many words, that he was declaring Morgantown to be an Anarch Free State. A bunch of other vampires went with him, apparently dissatisfied with a Bishop who doesn't seem to put himself in as danger as much as the other Cainites in the city. The Voice of the Free State appeared as well, telling everyone to tune in to the radio at a particular time for something special.

Someone else in the city, Cody, challenged David to a duel to Final Death and lost. David left after that, taking the new Anarchs with him. There was bickering back and forth where a bunch of us were ordered by the Templar to hunt him down. Brodry and Simon tracked down the Anarchs, having determined that we had no beef with them unless they started serious trouble.

So we tracked them down and explained that we had no problem with them and would do what we could to keep an eye out for them. Simon and Brodry also offered to take in the only Cainite in her pack who didn't defect to the Anarchs when David made his grand proclamation. Simon offered her crash space at the abandoned house he's turning into a Noddist temple, and in return she gave him a bunch of cash for home repair supplies.

Things kind of devolved at that point, and in addition game ended early... but then, I'm tired, so I may have forgotten some vital details. But that seems to more or less be the long and the short of it.

Anyhow, I'm headed out. It took me forever to type this. Later.
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