January 28th, 2014


So, this month...

So this month's been a bit of a clusterfuck. My return home from my trip to Texas at the beginning of the month was in the middle of the polar vortex. And I arrived home (at six in the morning) to find out that at some point during the trip the pilot light had gone out on the furnace. So I relit it, went to sleep, and was awoken a few hours later by the sound of water gushing from several cracked pipes. And over the course of the next week and change of having water off, and heat messed up, and cleaning up messes and all sorts of inconveniences, pretty much any good my vacation had done me was completely wiped out. On top of that, all of my 'when I get home' plans were also completely dashed and I was put behind schedule on stuff I needed to do.

And then on top of that, I went to get my car worked on (it was overdue for inspection and would need a bit of tinkering to pass) and then that week we got a load of snow dumped on us. Not that I'd have too many places to go within walking distance, this being Fairmont and all, but the weather was so bad that even talking a friend of mine into picking me up and the two of us hanging out would have been just unfeasible. Not that the weather's let up at all, but we're far enough northeast that the polar vortex keeps hitting us in addition to the usual snow we get this time of year.

This has just been a rotten month.