June 12th, 2014


Summer trips and things

This is about the time of year when I usually forget to let people know about when I'll be away from the computer. So I'm jumping on that now.

July 2nd-7th, I'll be in Pittsburgh for Anthrocon. Now, for those of you who may or may not be concerned about such things, I'll have my stuff with me and enough downtime to get some writing done while I'm there. In fact, if I have the time I might be even more prolific because I find the energy from the convention pretty agreeable in terms of encouraging my writing.

And then August 13th through the 17th, I'll be in Indianapolis for Gencon. Anyone who knows me through here that might want to catch up with me, contact me either on here or via Twitter. I can't guarantee how available I'll be at any given moment but I'll probably be able to find time for at least a meal or something.
(I'm still finalizing travel plans, BTW, and I might wind up staying until the 18th rather than get home in the middle of the night of the 17th. I probably won't be able to finagle an extra night on my hotel room so I'd just crash at one of the cheap airport hotels. But what this means is that I might be available to hang out Sunday night.)

Any questions, or in need of any other contact info? Anybody else going to either of these two events?