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Monday, July 7th, 2014

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  • Sun, 13:01: I wonder if the local Coca-Cola distributor knows how much money they lose by not maintaining the DLCC vending machines. #anthrocon
  • Sun, 13:04: Also, got my sketchbook back a little while ago. Will tweet a pic of my commission when I can. (in a panel)
  • Sun, 13:15: RT @MLPSeason0: Twilight tries to get her friends to participate in a LARP. Rainbow Dash participates by laying on a cloud and periodically…
  • Sun, 15:11: A proper scan will come later, but here's a picture of my character Jex as the War Doctor. http://t.co/sqC0T8QHvD
  • Sun, 17:18: RT @matthaig1: WRITING TIPS: Sleep badly, spend seven hours on Youtube, fight anxiety with red wine, eat peanut butter, fear geese.
  • Sun, 22:26: RT @ChuckWendig: If you tweet "inventory" to @YouAreCarrying, it will tell you your inventory. The Internet is best.
  • Mon, 00:18: @YouAreCarrying inventory
  • Mon, 10:27: RT @MMODesigner: #CityOfHeroes fans amaze me. Someone made a t-shirt comemorating an art asset that was never released in the game: http://…

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