October 22nd, 2014


Time to babble about writing a bit

Until some things happen to put me back in freelancer mode (like being offered a spot on another book and/or the Trinity rules becoming available so I can do some things I don't know if I can talk about), I'm between paid projects but the itch to write is still upon me.

What concerns me is that I've already got a couple of stalled/incomplete writing projects sitting on the shelf. (and then there are the ones I've given up on trying to wrangle into a workable form altogether) They're stalled for different reasons, though one of them I'm seriously considering starting over on because I know I'll have to change a lot in revisions anyways before I can try to do something noteworthy with it. But new ideas come to me, plucked from the Aether, and they're too good to just leave alone. Sure, I've got my RPG games (currently running a Requiem 2nd Edition game a couple of times a month and I'm about to wrap up a homebrew Pathfinder story and replace it with something else*) but even then whether it's a setting I'm customizing or creating outright it doesn't quite satisfy the itch for raw creation.

I'm pondering the idea of trying some more serialized fiction. Outside of my RPG stuff, it feels like my more successful writing stuff has been through my couple of serialized works. Maybe it's because the individual chapters make for easier writing goals because it pretty much guarantees discrete chunks which makes it in theory easier for people to read and offer feedback on.

Just part of my concern is that feeling overwhelmed with a bunch of little writing projects that don't go anywhere is part of why I actually quietly gave up on writing for a while, a few years back. Sure, I've bounced back since then but it's still not a state I want to slip into again.

I mean, I guess all I can do is tread lightly and not drive myself nuts again, unless anyone's got any suggestions.

Until next time, thanks for letting me vent.

*-- I'm waiting until we finish to talk to my group about what to replace it with. But if anyone's curious, first options on the table will be Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Doctor Who, or No Rest for the Wicked. Possibly Demon: The Descent. If the Trinity rules are posted for open development by then, I might pitch that to my players. Otherwise, I'm willing to accept suggestions from the group.

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