June 14th, 2019


My tweets

  • Thu, 12:41: Currently clearing out of the #RAWR4 house. Gonna miss this place.
  • Thu, 13:44: *goes to breakfast with new friends* *has to leave early so just gets a milkshake to get something in my stomach*… https://t.co/XZE3vFp3IZ
  • Thu, 13:56: As I ride the shuttle to the airport, here's some of what I did this last week: *Made some great friends *Wrote a… https://t.co/sdvDbZvhFE
  • Thu, 15:32: Well, thanks to a detour on the road, I'm barely making my first flight, but I'm making it. So that's something.
  • Thu, 15:34: Yeah, they're already lining people up to board. So I'm gonna go, and see you folks at the layover.
  • Thu, 17:06: Landed at the layover really early, so we're having to wait a few for them to do something before we deplane.
  • Thu, 17:17: Okay, proper layover time.
  • Thu, 17:38: RT @bitter_sweet_to: your art aint gotta be perfect to be enjoyed.
  • Thu, 17:55: Welp. Now that I've paid twice as much for half the amount of Chinese food I could get at a mall food court and eat… https://t.co/8r9KlSuaiB
  • Thu, 18:07: Okay, they're about to board the flight. Switching phone off.
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