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Monday, July 1st, 2019

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  • Sun, 16:11: RT @KyellGold: Four days left and they’re close to being funded Check out this project showcasing POC. voices in the fandom; it’s worthwhil…
  • Sun, 23:19: RT @thisisbree: Sigh. I hate elitist nerdboys. But I love when they make themselves look like idiots, as seen here: https://t.co/jJYtW9Bb8Q
  • Mon, 04:16: First RPG I played that wasn't D&D was Trinity/Æon (depending on whether or not your book had the sticker). And m… https://t.co/CZrNQIKdpM
  • Mon, 08:29: RT @AOC: Actually, that would make government better - not worse. Imagine if more people in power spent years of their lives actually work…

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