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Couple of questions...

1) A while back, I picked up some really old dice, d10's mostly, that date back to the days when you had to fill in the numbers with a crayon. Is there any easy way to do that without having to wipe extra crayon gunk off of them?

2) Am I the only PalmOS user who isn't using a Treo? I'm looking for software good for net stuff, because I finally got around to replacing my busted Wi-Fi card. Problem is, all of it is specifically made for Treo-- mostly stuff involving ringtones.

Also, speaking of computer stuff... I don't always agree with Scott Kurtz. On his website, he was complaining about the whole "Lucas is finally going to release the theatrical version of the Star Wars Trilogy on DVD" thing because of the obvious marketing scheme it is. Maybe it's just me, but it really seemed that the reason he was bitter was because he'd already given up on waiting for the theatrical version and blew his cash on the twice-edited versions. Me, however... I stuck to my guns and waited, so I think I'm gonna appreciate it a bit more than he is.

But that gets me off-topic. Anyhow... I don't always agree with Kurtz, but I think this is about right.

Things started off pretty hectic... A trebuchet up on the roof launched a tarp full of benzene onto the Fae on the ground. Something ignited it, and a bunch of folks got burned.

Next, some sort of monster made of spare parts in Nicolai's lab had appeared, making comments about killing "Ivan the Dauntain." Everyone else charged into the lab and destroyed the monster, taking the robot-thing's head back out.

They used Willow-Whisper to speak to the robot's head, where it told them that it knew of some horrible sacrifice that Ivan was planning that would turn him into a Dauntain so he could kill Fae at will. Eventually they smashed it and knocked it into some bushes.

They talked to Ivan about this, and I'm pretty sure that whole story was ruled out. A new character, another Pooka (A fox Pooka, I believe-- why in the name of Arcadia does everybody want to play a fox Pooka? Something like half of the Pooka we've had in game have been foxes, and I have no idea why.) was making her way around the building when she saw something floating in the river... a giant cannon.

She ran back around to warn the others just in time for a massive chimerical energy beam to hit the building and rock it. Everybody began hauling ass...

Half of the Fae started making their way around town, disabling the towers feeding power to the underwater power plant that the Shadow Court squad of Nockers and Goblins have built. They used the towers' uplink to the reactor to feed it a computer virus.

At the same time, another group went down to the riverbank. There was a bridge leading out into a rubber, lit-up square about 10 feet from the floating cannon. They could see lights beneath them, donning some scuba gear and diving in... and then they realize they'd just jumped into a glass tank full of very flammable benzene, dirtied up so it matched up with the river water.

A couple of folks were rendered unconscious, and eventually the Troll that's new to town swam out to the cannon. He found a hatch that led to a plastic tube that went down into the reactor thing. As he went down, an unnamed individual (the one we've been referring to as 'The Omega Man') hit folks with bursts of flame until they were rendered unconscious.

The Troll reached the plant, where things were starting to go nuts because of the computer virus. He used Metamorphosis to turn the two Nockers in there into mice, and began trashing the place. He got out of there.

The Omega Man checked on the reactor, and found that it was completely screwed. It was about to melt down. Chimerical sparks were flying through the sky like fireworks. He contacted Helmut, who in turn sent another Nocker down there.

The guy looked over the system and found a way that he could merely make it explode without taking the tri-county area with it. The Omega Man asked how that could be handled, and handed a Crown Royal bag to the Nocker.

A few minutes later, there was an explosion as the power plant went up. It didn't wipe out the Dreaming for hundreds of miles around, and Morgantown was left safe... for now.

A bunch of new vampires came into Morgantown at 'The Last Midnight.'

Apparently 'Baron' David and Bishop Erik had come to an agreement. The city would be split in two. David would be made a Bishop and run his half of the city his way, Erik would run the other half his way. Plain and simple. A higher-ranking Sabbat member (in other words, an NPC) came in to become an Archbishop handling the area. Some new folks were initiated and joined up with packs (two packs per Bishop), and we all had a scavenger hunt.

If I recall, the list of items was... a red-headed stepchild, half of a fat man, 17 bloodstained pairs of scissors, and a nurse with a limp.

Bad Company, with a couple of new members in tow (including a Malkavian antitribu that my character will be training in Noddism), went out and did some digging. We broke into a school and used their records to find a red-headed student who happened to be a stepchild. We went in, grabbed her, fought her dad a bit, and that's all she wrote.

We went to a nursing home for the half of a fat man and the nurse. We gave the nurse a limp with Vicissitude, and stabbed the fat man with the scissors (if I recall, using a zippo to make the blood dry faster). We got back, everyone was judged on what they brought with them, and my pack got Status for being the first ones back.

We had a Blood Bath and a Fire Dance, where my character got seriously burned again. If this keeps up, my character's just going to start stylishly walking through the fire rather than jumping over it. And that's it in a nutshell.

More stuff about me will come later. Catch you guys then. Mahalo.
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