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It's been too damn hot out

When I came home from the Book n Bean at about 11pm, it was still 75 degrees out (about 24 Celsius to you weirdos with your 'based on ten' number system) and really humid. Even as I write this, it's 66 degrees (19 Celsius) with 80% humidity.

And now, a few things to share...

I'm 60% LiveJournal!

Maybe starting to get into it a bit too much.
Either that, or your life's really interesting.

The LiveJournal Quiz

Take Other Caffeine Nebula Quizzes

In other news, the Supreme Court has decided that the First Amendment doesn't protect people blowing the whistle on government misconduct. No really. Fuckers.

Also, I just found out today that somebody has actually put up an IMDB listing for that fucking volleyball from Cast Away.

This is gonna be a quick one... we had one of those Fae sessions where I spent more time doing ST stuff than running plot.

A bunch of the Fae in Morgantown are focused on trying to get around the political blockade that's sealed them in. Ivan sent out his chimerical rat companion with some messages. Also, they did some checking into trods around town that they could potentially use to access the Dreaming.

They were briefly distracted by searching for a 'glowing blue slug thing' that turned out to be a new Fae who'd gotten into the city.

They did some checking and figured out that if anyone would know if they could use the Dreaming to get a message out, it would be the Kinain researcher who's been living in town the last couple of months, Martin Ashbury.

They gave him a call and asked if there was any way they could use the Dreaming to communicate with folks outside of Morgantown. He said that there wasn't much that could be done other than, say, sending a chimera with a message. Assuming they could find a trod they had access to anyhow.

While he was there, a chimerical Grim Reaper appeared out of nowhere and attacked. They destroyed it and it turned to smoke. Martin, having been enchanted, collected some of the smoke in a bottle. He performed a ritual and revealed to the Changelings that the Reaper had been sent by the Lost One beneath the Freehold in Sunnyside.

He eventually left them with promises to find out a way to deal with the insanely-powerful creature, as well as two samples of Sidhe blood (well, technically, one sample of Sidhe blood, one sample of the blood of a Nocker who is the child of a Sidhe) as part of a ritual that's supposed to help him identify the thing.

Afterwards, they were approached by a Sluagh who bore Ivan's rat impaled on a chimerical arrow of some sort (not dead, just temporarily paralyzed). He presented the arrow to them so they could have the rat back, and delivered a message. He told them that any more Fae who attempted to escape the city would be "given what all Shadow Court deserve-- cold iron."

Naturally, they didn't react well to that as we wrapped up game.

At Greg's game, things picked up kinda slow. A Harbinger showed up to talk with the Bishop, and did so.

Afterwards, a teenage boy named Donald showed up and frenzied when provoked by the Cainites in town. He appears to be alive, and something similar to a revenant. All he knows about his family, though, is that his father is 'of the Brujah family' and left his mother before he was born. (Note: Yes, yes, I know, it's a dhampir. Just spelling it out like it was given to us.)

Simon, upon hearing through the grapevine that the teenager had a crescent moon birthmark, went into a trance and started babbling on and on in a variety of languages about how the "sign of Gehenna" had to be destroyed. Mattias smashed a streetlight in an attempt to intimidate him (I'm assuming that was the reason), and between that and someone calling the cops to try and screw with Nathaniel, the police showed up. The dhampir made his escape while the Sabbat of Morgantown busied themselves with murdering the police officers.

The deaths of the police officers were subsequently celebrated by a gunfight (a game called "Dodge-Bullet") in the middle of downtown Morgantown. The cops showed up, Simon got ready to chase them off with Voice of Madness, but everyone else managed to massacre them before it got to go off.

That's the LARPing in a nutshell. Sometime later I'll talk about Sean's Mage game, and probably go into detail about my recent visit to my brother in prison.


Edit: Forgot one of the details about the Fae game, added it to the write-up.
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