MythicFox (mythicfox) wrote,

Sorry this took so long

Like I said, earlier this week I visited my brother in prison. We had a bit of a chat-- probably one of the longest conversations we've had in recent years, admittedly. He's doing well enough, although he said he's going to complain about some of the policy violations he's had to deal with (due to overcrowding the mattress he sleeps on is apparently on the floor, which is below 'toilet level' and thus isn't allowed). He also explained this jailhouse trick he learned for making ramen without a bowl. It was... weird.

Sean's Mage game was kind of a slow session. A couple of our regulars couldn't make it, although we did have a new player. We took some time to look into the 'living' identity of the revenant plaguing the town. My character talked to the Moros mortician and got on his good side thanks to being able to show him that the cops had doctored his coroner report on the revenant's body before it got up and escaped the morgue. The revenant, it seems, was a news reporter who'd done some digging into the Mayor's past and was killed for it. We followed some clues down to the beach, where some planted evidence turned out to be a trap. We also hit the library, where an attempt at trying to follow the reporter's trail led to a dead end (mostly because we didn't think to spread our search wide enough, but oh well).

However, we didn't get to accomplish much more than that before we had to wrap up, but them's the breaks.

Not much more to report; didn't get to do any writing at the Book n Bean tonight. My grandmother didn't get home from getting her hair done and spending time with a friend of hers until almost nine so I could go to the grocery store for her. And it was a slow night because of the crappy-ass weather we've had lately, so they closed early. *sigh* Oh well. I wound up having to get a ride from Shomo on the way home, but he at least went out of his way to take me through a drive-thru to grab a bite to eat.

Oh well. That's about it for the moment. Take care, folks.

Oh, also... is anyone here going to be at AnthroCon in a couple of weeks? Just curious.
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