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"I've been ionized, but I'm fine now."

At the time I started this entry, it's almost been 24 hours since I had a nasty car wreck. I dozed off at the wheel while driving home from Sean's house and came to as I left the road, and hit the end of a guardrail.

Don't worry, I'm okay as near as I can tell.

I'm not going to go into any more detail than asked, but the car's utterly totaled. I got out with miraculously-little injury. A bunch of my stuff (including an L5R deck) was thrown from the car, and I was stumbling around nearly blind until by some stroke of luck a random guy who stopped to help (while I was waiting for the police) was able to find my glasses. A stem is bent, thus screwing with my depth perception something awful since the view is a little crooked. Oh well, I'm about due for a new pair anyhow.

No, really, I'm alright.

I've got some cuts and scrapes, and a seatbelt bruise on my neck. I got off miraculously light in terms of personal injury. My gym experience has helped me spot some tensed muscles that are gonna be sore in the next couple of days. But I wasn't gushing from anywhere, my joints work right, I'm not getting any pain when I poke at my ribs with a finger, and I'm not hurting anyplace that I can't see. I'll go to the hospital if I seem to have any major problems, but as near as I can tell I'm not in dire need of medical attention.

Yes, dammit, I'm okay. Stop asking.

I didn't get a ticket, I was able to get almost all of my stuff that was thrown from the car (leaving only some L5R cards that I just didn't have time to get then that were later ruined by the rain). The car's insured, and if I'm lucky enough to get the check soon enough I should be able to get to AC without having to rent a car. Not that I'm gonna be that lucky... in addition to surviving the wreck at all, let alone with nothing broken or missing, the Courtesy Patrol woman who gave me a lift with the stuff I'd managed to gather up (as the tow truck and the cop were headed back to Morgantown) went out of her way to give me a ride back to my house.

Don't worry, I'm fine. Really.

I'll be okay, I'll bounce back... I just figured that you folks deserve to know now rather than hear me mention it in passing a couple months down the road and wonder "Why didn't he say something?"

Anyhow, take care.
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