MythicFox (mythicfox) wrote,

Squeezing this in

Trying to squeeze in my usual gaming write-up into my limited posting space while up at the Book n Bean.

I've also been reminded why I sometimes get here just as the Open Mic is winding down... five words: Coffeehouse rock rendition of Eminem. *shudder* There is only one man on this planet who could make Eminem palatable, and that man is Richard Cheese. But I digress...

Friday was a short game due to the weather. Detective Martin showed up to chat... a homeless man had been murdered during the week next to a small fire. Usually not the sort of thing he contacts Fae about, until he got a closer look at the fire... he got a vision of what appeared to be a Sidhe stepping out of some flames (much like the infamous Sephiroth picture, although the similarity is purely unintentional). Joshua dragged Det. Martin and a few Fae off to the side where he attempted to use Soothsay to get some more insight, incorporating some of the Morgantown Blue into the ritual. He received a series of images of rituals ending in the vision that the detective described.

When he opened his eyes, the Sidhe-like figure was standing there. They disabled it and questioned it... it referred to itself as 'The Secondborn,' and that it wished to steal the souls of the nobility, and some ranting about it being a 'forgotten son' and 'denied the power due it' and such. Joshua wound up destroying it and things wrapped up early because of the rain.

I don't have enough space to handle the Vampire write-up as well, so I'll give that its own post shortly and probably combine them later.
Tags: changeling
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