MythicFox (mythicfox) wrote,

Vampire (and Mage, if I have room)

And here we go...

At the Vampire game, a Bratovich revenant came to the city, having escaped from the family home. His father showed up to bring him home after much argument and deliberation over whether we should have kept him around or not.

Also, a fight broke out over how a Tzimisce named Calista was treating her childe. Nathaniel wound up challenging her to Monomacy, and we spent hours hammering out terms and whatnot. At one point, Calista actually contacted the Archbishop, who ended the negotiations pretty quickly.

By the time the duel started with Simon arbitrating, he was about ready to kill them both equally (about as neutral as you're going to get, when it comes to running a Monomacy). Nathaniel won after Calista's player found out that Simon would have ruled out certain uses of Vicissitude and just kinda gave up. *eyeroll*

Mage was kinda short, because we got there really late. We did some research at the library and found that Mayor Huxley hasn't aged at all since 1867. Yup, we have Tremere-sign.

We were about to start combing motels and bars, following the tracks of the reporter who'd risen as a Revenant. As we drove away in Erakös' car, someone threw some dynamite underneath it and blew it up. We got out and chased after the guy, who escaped to the roof of a nearby building and teleported out with Space. But we had to wrap up there because of outside factors.

And that's about it for the moment. Sometime later I'll post some pictures of my car that I took yesterday.
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