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Getting ready to AC this week. Getting an idea of my bank balance so I know how much I can spend and still manage to deal with the car issue later this month in addition to Origins.

Also, I'm going to have to rent a car... I just got an idea of how much that should cost, so I should be fine. I would just reserve one online, but as it turns out you need a major credit card to do that. Some local offices let you get away with a debit card, but that doesn't extend to online reservations. I'm pretty sure I've rented a car locally without a major credit card of my own, but I can't recall if that was just the office allowing me to get by without it or my grandfather paying for it. Worst-case scenario, I'll have a family member handle that end of it for me, as I know a couple of them wouldn't have a problem with letting me use their card for that purpose.

I wound up spending a good bit of time running around for this past Fae session, so I didn't catch everything. As a result, I'll stick with the highlights...

Shomo attended for this session, playing something of a crazed lunatic Redcap. He was, shall we say, responsible for a... disappearance in a local hospital's maternity wing because of a casual suggestion Eylonwy made.

Kage made a phone call to Martin Ashbury, the Kinain researcher, asking about the thing they encountered.

Also, while Joshua and Rhett were making their way around the building, they were attacked by a chimerical animal... a feral German Shepherd. It focused on Joshua, it seemed, even when Sean's Kinain candy maker Boris came by. Adalida came over as well and got a good look at it before Rhett drove it off with Sovereign, seeing that it had a name tag that read 'Cookie' (something I'm not entirely sure will have any significance to more than one or two folks who read this).

While this was going on, the Redcap was trying to eat a newbie Nocker in town. The Nocker just barely got away, and much of the rest of the night involved the Fae finding the Redcap to put him on trial (sort of), finding out that he's responsible for the disappearance of the baby at the hospital, and figuring out what to do with him.

Eventually, a bunch of folks decided to duel the Redcap, and the first one (a Troll named Seamus) took the duel to the death. Then he called up Detective Martin, wanting to turn himself in for the Redcap's murder as well as the disappearance of the baby. Things wrapped up about there, I think.

At the Vampire game, we started out with the big meeting at the Archbishop's place, which was complicated by the appearance of someone claiming to be Calista's ghoul (who turned out to be actually Calista, really pissing off the Archbishop and at least one Bishop, as it showed a lack of trust in them). Also, one of the Malks in town that Simon's been hanging out with had a sudden shift in personality, forgetting she'd ever been a vampire so he had to ease her back into it.

We met a new guy, a Tzimisce who joined us for some pack Vaulderies before we got around to doing a huge city-wide one (which wound up not happening). In a nutshell, though, the guy turned out to be transmitting a disease that was making Vicissitude harder to use. A bunch of us went after him, Simon using Eyes of Chaos to help follow his trail through the woods.

I don't know the details of how things went beyond that, as I wound up having to help run some NPC's. I know some Vampires went to the hospital to deal with the appearance of the virus in mortals, and at some point the Bishop led some folks out to the nearby Bratovich estate to rescue that Revenant. I don't know the details of how that played out, because I was busy playing one of a pack of werewolves who were ambushing the vampires en-route.

We didn't get to play Mage because a couple of the players couldn't make it, and Sean just can't keep coming up with reasons for their characters to not be present.

That's about it for the moment. Later, all. Many of you probably won't catch me online tomorrow night, as I'll be getting to bed early for AC.
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