MythicFox (mythicfox) wrote,

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*pinches nose*

Okay, things are more or less on-target for tomorrow... except I'm going to have to pick up my rental car in the morning instead of today, and jump through a shitload of hoops because a) I don't have a major credit card, and b) even though someone with a major credit card is renting the car for me, to put my name on it requires that I jump through almost the exact same gorram hoops. Apparently to prove that I'm not going to steal the car, I have to show them some paid utility bills or a pay stub. Because, y'know, nobody who lives in a house and works could possibly be a criminal, right?

It's gonna delay the departure tomorrow by a bit, but at least we're just going to Pittsburgh and not Phila-fucking-delphia again.
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