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Well, that's that

The con is officially over. The internet room is still up and the Zoo (see previous post) is apparently going to be open until 2pm tomorrow. Half of the furs have either begun winding down or revving up for the unofficial fourth night of AC, depending on whether they're gonna head home early or party tonight.

I definitely had fun, I will say that much. I even got a bit of writing done, although not a whole lot. I've got a problem with a couple of stories where I've got Point A and Point C, story-wise, and I'm having trouble coming up with Point B.

In some unrelated news while I'm here...

Someone has officially died of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Basically, now the folks who claim that CFS is either hypochondria or psychosomatic have some stuff stacked against them.

Also, a drug company may have found a treatment for wet macular degeneration that could save a lot of people from blindness... but they're going out of their way to keep it from the public. Why, you might ask? Because they can release a version that costs a hundred times more instead.

Anyhow, I'm gonna go kill some time in the Zoo, maybe get Zen to draw something for me. I'll catch most of you online properly tomorrow night.

Also, I apologize for disappearing on folks the other night. For some reason, the internet connection went down. My last LJ post had to be made from Zen's laptop up in the room after we signed up for the free web access for 24 hours.
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