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Got back a little while ago

I got back shortly. Got back into town a little after 10 or so and hung out at Sean's for a bit.

Currently catching up on webcomics and such before hitting the sack to take the rental car back in the morning. I had a blast, as usual. I think I may have somehow gone through some sort of cycle, though... over the last several years of attending AC, I've taken less and less photos of the fursuiters... even in the fursuit parade on the last day of the con, I generally save my film/memory for the suits that look really spectactular. This year, though, some of my jadedness wore off and I wound up taking more photos than I have in a good long while.

As a side-note, someone was fursuiting as Drip from Jack. I found it creepy as hell, and I don't even read the comic.

Although I still have some con-related stuff to take care of, sort of. I've gotta take the rental car back, and I also need to contact rick2tails. After giving him a lift to a relative's house after seeing zen_migawa off at the airport, he left his sunglasses and his cell phone in the car. Good thing I did a last check of the rental car for any stuff of mine. The battery's almost dead on it, so I've turned it off for the moment. But I know who he's staying with, so I'll just use his contacts list to give one of them a call and have them pass along the message and get their address so I can mail the phone and sunglasses to him.

You know what amused me? Getting home to find out that the same movie that was playing when I left was playing when I got back.
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