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Well, that's one thing down

Cousin Jimmy heard back from the insurance company. It looks like I'm going to be able to replace my car just in time to drive it to Origins.

Speaking of which, who all is gonna be there this year? I wanna have an idea of who I'll get to hang out with because odds are I won't be able to do Gen Con.

I was planning on it, and then the car wreck happened. Whether I can make it or not depends on what sort of deal I'll be able to get on a new[0] vehicle. I'm getting off pretty well on the insurance settlement (more than I was expecting), but odds are I'm just not going to be able to casually blow the cash for a plane ticket and hotel bill like I would have a month and a half ago.

So who's going to be at Origins this year?

Also, who else caught tonight's Season Premiere of Venture Brothers? That was fucking brilliant.

Now the only thing left is to have my dad help me pick out a new vehicle, and wait for that call from Alderac...

[0]-- Just for the record, by 'new' I mean 'A car I didn't have before this week began.' Not necessarily a brand new car.
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