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Well, time marches on...

Tomorrow, going out with my dad to replace my car. I've given the lot at the local dealership a once-over, and saw a fantastic used Cavalier that's got pretty good mileage on it-- which means it'll probably be way out of my budget, but we'll figure out something.

The local theater is doing a midnight premiere of the new Superman flick, but I'm skipping it. Not that I don't want to see the movie, but fact of the matter is I have difficulty enough being enthusiastic about movies these days to go out to the theater to begin with, let alone drive out for a midnight premiere when I should be at home doing something or other (for example, I still need to slap together an L5R deck for Origins this weekend, as I'm not going to just put my Ratling deck back together and don't have the cards to rebuild it the way I'd like to).

I just remembered, I still need to scan those pictures I got at AnthroCon. Crap. I'll see if I can get it done before I go to Origins, but I wouldn't bet money on it. However, I'm gonna go ahead and put up a photo I took of Pittsburgh at night from the top of the incline-thingies just up the hill from Station Square. However, it was taken with the shitty camera on my new cell phone (with all of the phone's useful functions as obnoxiously neutered by Virgin Mobile as possible to guarantee that you have to pay for ringtones and the like), because it was an impulse trip and didn't have a decent camera with me.

If anyone wants to see them, I could upload some of the fursuiter photos I took, too.

In unrelated news, I around up catching Madagascar on one of the assorted HBO channels. Cute flick, but I can't get that gorram song out of my head. You know the one.

Oy, this past Fae game was another one where I spent so much time running around handling Storyteller stuff that I missed out on a lot of what was really going on. I think it might be because the latest plot isn't as 'hands-on' as some of them are, I dunno.

However, a few things aside, it wasn't really intended to be much of a 'plot' night. The game took place on Midsummer Day, a Changeling holiday, and thus was mostly a party for the Fae in town (including a couple of new characters, Glomes).

A few highlights, though...

The Fae receiving a letter informing them that Seamus Harper, the Troll who turned himself in to the police for a crime he didn't commit (and a crime he did) to get around the political quarantine had been killed. He'd been discovered attempting to break into the court to kill the Queen and when he resisted "forced the guards to slay him." Also, the letter revealed that "upon his person was found no less than three weapons made of the forbidden cold iron" and that he allegedly said that the "Age of Rath is about to begin."

Jason, the mortal who's been hanging around the Fae -- and by 'hanging around the Fae,' I mean 'being used previously as a possible implement of destruction by Ivan' -- calling the cops on one of the Kinain for providing booze for the Midsummer's Day party. The Kinain cop the Fae have been slowly frustrating the sheer hell out of, Detective Tony Martin, gave them a heads-up.

Brin, Joshua, and a new Eshu in town whose name I can't recall for the life of me at the moment getting together to work out this whole thing with what bizarre magical workings have been going on. Through the use of Soothsay, they noticed that something weird was going to happen the next day at noon. It matched up with visions of the multi-part ritual they've been receiving, allowing them to identify it as the second portion. (The beginning of the next game we play, which will be a couple of weeks from now as I'm going to be at Origins, will have a scene where a bunch of the Fae are going to go try to interfere.)

Martin Ashbury, the Kinain researcher (I wasn't thinking when I named the two Kinain the Fae have been dealing with so much lately... having one with the last name 'Martin' and one with the first name 'Martin' has been very confusing) stopping by to have a chat and being drafted into helping with the ritual. He was grilled on some obscure Fae lore with questions like: "Could this ritual be used to open up a Trod that's been permanently closed?" "Is there a good reason why a Trod might have been permanently sealed shut, for that matter?" The running theory is that someone's trying to unleash something related to the Lost One under Sunnyside.

Martin Ashbury explaining that the 'Secondborn' reference wasn't one in his books, but he felt it was connected to the fact that the nobles were once known as 'Firstborn.' From there, he went into a semi-dramatic monologue on the state of the Fae back in the Dark Ages. I figure a couple of folks here might get a kick out of that. ;)

One of the Glomes enchanted Jason and screwed around with him a bit, and in response he got Brin and the other Eshu to combine their powers of Soothsay to help him get revenge by trying to knock the Glome over onto his sword.

There was more that I'm sure I'm missing, but fact of the matter is this was a pretty rough game on me, ST-wise.

Greg's game has started taking the last Saturday of each month off, so we hit a Mage game that Jim was gonna try running again. I played an Ecstatic who's a nightclub/rave DJ. Not much to tell, really... PC's brought together for a 'find the MacGuffin' plot, although a few of us did team up and take down a Nephandus. The story was cooked up as Jim wasn't sure if the game would make it to a second session, so he didn't want to start any huge metaplot. Because of the intrusion of Morgantown LARPer Drama (not doing it justice, but that's essentially what it was) towards the end of the night that effectively ended the session, I'd be surprised if the game went to a second session. Which is a shame, because as far as LARPs go it was running pretty smoothly. But maybe it's for the best.

There's a Sunday Vampire LARP, but although repeated wrenches keep getting thrown in Sean's attempt at running Mage: The Awakening, we haven't attended it yet. This is mostly out of a desire to not get tangled up in any more LARPs when we have an alternative.

Anyhow, that's it for the moment. Later, folks. Hopefully, by this time tomorrow, I'll be packed for Origins and will have some car photos to share.
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