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Just checking in

Checking in briefly from Origins, just checking LiveJournal and the like before I hit the Cam LARP shortly. I'm having a good time, spending too much money on books and cards I'm probably never going to get to use (not to mention the 'Great Cthulu' HorrorClix figure I dropped a bunch of cash on).

However, I've gotten to run into a bunch of cool people, including getting to briefly chat with innocent_man and jesshartley, which was a fun experience. Just letting folks I'm still alive, and I should be back sometime tomorrow night.

Oh, also, I know I mentioned this to a few of you... I wound up skipping the L5R tourney today. By the time I was able to get a deck slapped together, I realized I wasn't going to get enough sleep to be able to enjoy the tourney win or lose (most likely lose). I mean, generally I play in tourneys (especially big ones) because I enjoy the basic act of playing Legend of the Five Rings. But I knew I'd just be in a state where I wouldn't be able to get the most out of it. Oh well. There's always the booster draft tourney tomorrow.

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