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Didn't feel up to updating last night...

...but I got home okay, don't worry. I stopped off at Sean's on the way home to show him the huge stack of books (and a foot-tall Cthulhu figure) that I picked up there.

While I'm thinking of it... was anyone in Missouri calling me this weekend? A couple of times I got called by a number I don't recognize but has a Missouri area code. I couldn't get to the phone in time, and I don't wanna harass someone by calling them back when it was just a wrong number.

Also, I got a reminder of why I don't bother with the White Wolf forums much... I asked a question on there about Second Sight, curious as to how mechanically balanced psychics and thaumaturges are at character creation.[0] I was mostly concerned about the whole 'psychics just have to buy all of their Merits from scratch and every other pseudo-supernatural[1] gets a full-blown template that comes with kewl powerz' thing. I was kicking an idea around for a 'mortal plus' game and I don't have any in-game experience with mixed groups.

And, like that old joke about the Democrat and the Republican in the hot air balloon, I got answers that were technically correct and somewhat relevant but in no way actually answered my question. And in accordance with forum tradition, within the first few posts after my own the thread had split off into an off-topic discussion about someone's own personal house rules for buying psychic merits with experience after character creation.

Sometimes you have to stick your foot in the pool to remind yourself that water is wet, I guess.

I had fun at the convention, though. The LARP was definitely something different-- new system (mechanically superior to the old in every way), different style of players, and the fact that nobody there knew who I was. Which means that I wasn't being asked rules questions about Changeling when I'm in the middle of a Vampire game, wasn't being dragged aside to help rules disputes or create characters, didn't have to run NPC's... I got to be just another player, and fact of the matter is I enjoyed it.

Also, I got to meet Steve Prescott at the convention. He's a really nice guy. I bought a few prints off of him as well as one of his originals. It was great to get to meet him. But then, I am something of an artwork geek, as a few of you know.

Also, the new car runs great, as a side-note.

And now, to figure out what I'm gonna do for dinner. Later, folks.

[0]-- If anyone here wants to chime in on said issue, feel free to.
[1]-- By 'pseudo-supernatural,' I mean ghouls, skinthieves, kitsune (from Skinchangers), etc.
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