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I've been alternately busy and distracted lately; some of you know why, some of you have heard the Cliff's Notes version (or "Sparknotes," if "Cliff's Notes" is too dated for some of you cutting-edge types). I'm just kinda cranking this out now while I can, as I'll probably be too busy tomorrow.

The Fae game on Friday started off with a backdated scene where a number of the Fae charged out into the woods to try and head off a portion of the ritual that someone's been building up behind the scenes. It was a trap, and they were ambushed by animated chimerical trees that attacked them, as well as the seemingly-feral Companions of Kithain that have died over the last yeah or so. They fought their way out, and followed some footprints in the woods that weren't theirs back to the house where the 'Morgantown Blue' had been harvested so long ago. Of course, because all of the players in the 'following footprints' group were ones unfamiliar with that house OOCly, I had to go out of my way to point out that because of the Fae's familiarity with the house they'd have probably parked here.

But the house wound up becoming a focus point for the rest of the session. They bugged the guy in the house, assuming he had something to do with it, and at one point during the night asked Detective Martin to look into it. They also tried looking for the remnants of the Morgantown Project (the Goblin and his Nocker buddies who were all trying to build that chimerical power plant), despite Soothsay-provided warnings that suggested that if they did so then they would all be killed.

Also, a couple of folks had chats with the Lost One beneath Sunnyside. Travis, Blue's Eshu, wound up having a talk with Martin Ashbury, the Kinain researcher, asking for some help... he'd learned that the Lost One was called 'rakshasa' and demanded a shitload of jade and some sort of silver. Travis brought him all of the jade trinkets he could buy, and the thing told him that it was not 'true jade,' and complained that Travis was 'blind to essence flow.' It infused him with a point of Essence, presumably to help the problem.

I don't know the details about how it played out, but Andy's Kinain Robert wound up having a chat with him as well before the session wrapped up.

A lot of the Vampire session involved plans to try and chase down the guy who's been running around, infecting Cainites with some sort of disease. Simon used Eyes of Chaos on a map of the sightings of the guy involved to try and narrow it down. We figured he'd strike next at a goth club in town. Simon and his packmate Amy went into the club first, using Auspex and a bit of logic and reason to find Mascov, the disease carrier. He sent Amy out to let the others know they found their target while he kept an eye on them, and the music and strobe lights wound up putting him into a fugue state as a side-effect of a combination of Eyes of Chaos and his own mental problems.

The others burst in, beating the bounce to a pulp in the process, and their attempt to apprehend Mascov went awry when he activated Blood Form and escaped.

Simon went back to the map, and narrowed things down to a possible three bars. The group split up and went looking for Mascov; one led by Bishop Erik Bratovich, one led by Bishop John Consamane (I think that's spelled right), and one led by Templar Evan. Simon was in the third group. It was Erik's group that found the guy, and during the battle Mascov demonstrated the ability to use Vicissitude on them from a distance... he wasn't a Tzimisce, but a Nagloper (at least to the best of my OOC knowledge). They were able to keep him from escaping in Blood Form and captured him.

Despite the fact that we're all expecting all hell to break loose, given that it's been commented that Mascov was meant to be a threat for a little longer, it feels good to have actually managed to accomplish something in a game.

We managed to get together for Mage on Sunday, for the first time in next to forever, although it was still kind of a short session. We picked up where we left off before, checking a few bars for signs of the dead reporter's passage. We got an idea of his movements, and connected with some people (Russian mobsters) who were trying to pin his disappearance on the mayor. We talked to a cop friend of the group's Acanthus, Infilux, and he steered us towards a potentially-related address in the middle of nowhere.

Heading back to Zipporah's place to regroup, those of us who had a drink at the bar where the cop friend and the Russians were wound up with bladders full of glass from a delayed magical effect. With the help of Erakös' (our Mastigos) mastery of Space and Dewey's (my character, a Moros) mastery of Death, we managed to vaporize the chunks of glass.

After some recovery with the help of Caduceus (the group's Thyrsus), we went out to stake out the house in the middle of nowhere. Preparing for a fight, though, Caduceus transformed into a dog ahead of time to be a little more combat ready which left him unable to point out to the rest of us a slight problem... Erakös was able to sense three presences in the house, but Caduceus couldn't pick up anything living inside and was unable to communicate this to us. We found out that the people in the house only went outside once a night and we'd missed it.

A huge argument broke out later over Caduceus casually slinging around vulgar shapeshifting magic in preparation for a threat he had no reason to suspect (I mean, we're Guardians of the Veil, for crying out loud), and we kind of left off shortly afterwards.

Anyhow, that's it for now. We're going to try and move the Mage game to Thursdays in the hopes that it'll be easier to get the group together. Later, folks.
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