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Proof that I'm still alive

Sorry I've been so quiet lately. Things have been mildly crazed and busy and the like.

Sometime tomorrow I'll be able to go out and get some estimates for getting some body work repaired on my car; a friend of my mom's is helping me, using his own experience to help me find someone who can do the work without screwing me over.

In unrelated news, the Helio is a fucking cell phone. No matter what they say.

And now, a meme...

What Flavour Are You? Cor blimey, I taste like Tea.Cor blimey, I taste like Tea.

I am a subtle flavour, quiet and polite, gentle, almost ambient. My presence in crowds will often go unnoticed. Best not to spill me on your clothes though, I can leave a nasty stain. What Flavour Are You?

I'm headed out in a bit to hit the Book n Bean for dinner, so to give you something to read until I get more interesting...

Well, the Mage game's been moved to Thursdays, so I think I'll start off with that one just to keep the order of the games straight in my head.

We picked up shortly after we left off previously, with a couple of leads and some needed time to recuperate before venturing back out. We kinda just killed time over the course of the day, doing what our characters do during the day (my Moros, for example, runs a new and used bookstore well-known for its occult section[0]). We headed out late to the part of town filled with old abandoned mansions, and parked in a spot nearby so we could keep track of when someone left or entered.

Shortly after we got there, though, we had some problems... completely without warning, a couple of illusionary people burst out from beneath the vehicle and took off down the road on either side of the row of houses. On the one hand, we figured it was some sort of trap, but on the other we couldn't rule out the possibility that someone was trying to show us something.

Those of us that were going to be approaching the house regardless (Dewey, Caduceus, and Erakös) headed out to follow one of the figures to where they disappeared at the other end of the row of houses. Infilux and Zipporah stayed behind, since they were going to follow the person in the house that would have left anyhow.

While we were creeping down past the abandoned houses, we came to the end and found nothing. We checked the last house to see if anything interesting was in there, and we got ambushed by a zombie. Caduceus was closest to it and while fighting it got bitten. The bite, though, began festering very strangely. Dewey pulled out his gun and shot it a couple of times while Caduceus backed off and found that something in that bite was completely beyond his ability to handle. Realizing we were dealing with an actual zombie as opposed to a revenant, he used 'Quicken Corpse' to take control of it and made it destroy itself while he improvised a dispelling effect to do something about the entropic energies that were empowering the zombie bite that was currently infecting Caduceus.

While this was going on, Zipporah and Infilux were having their own problems. There were some scratching sounds on the car doors, as if something was reaching up from below, and not knowing what else to do they opened up the car doors and flung themselves from it so they could see what was underneath when they landed. Once they were out of the car, they didn't see anything until someone started pegging them with rocks from the shadows. They went after the source of the rocks for a short distance, and as soon as they were too far away to do anything about it someone actually managed to get into the car, hotwire it, and steal it.

They caught up with the first group once Dewey had made sure Caduceus wasn't going to be turned into a zombie himself, and we all decided "Hell with it, let's go see what's in this house while we're up here and would have to walk back to town regardless."

We knocked on the front door of the house we'd been watching (one of the three individuals had already left), and the door opened just a crack. Someone inside asked who we were.

There was a brief moment where it seemed that nobody could think of a good way to introduce us, so I stepped in with what's probably one of my favorite lines ever... "Hello there, we're here on behalf of the Coalition of Citizens against the Unholy, Blasphemous Mayor."

The door opened and we were invited on in. We had a bit of a conversation with the two people living there... To sum it up, we had an information exchange where we found out they were Vampires, they figured out we were Mages, and that Mayor Huxley was in fact also all of the past Mayor Huxleys (perhaps related to Richard Wilkins, but who knows?). They said the Mayor's been leaning on them a bit lately, and that they had a rough idea of what had happened to the reporter-turned-revenant, Zane Deshin. He wasn't animated by any sort of unholy magic it seemed; he was just one of those unlucky bastards who didn't know when to stay dead, his hatred for the Mayor bringing him back so as to stop him.

We also learned a few things about the guy who blew up Erakös' car. Apparently he's a local Mage who's a crazed terrorist-type who was going after the Mayor as well, working with Zane. However, it seems that he thought we were working for the Mayor, as we'd been hunting the revenant. That explained a lot. There was some discussion over how the Mayor was prolonging his own life, and without giving the Vampires every little detail we simply told them that he was consuming souls to prolong his own existence.

Also, a few weeks ago, Huxley had apparently found something strange underneath his family's plot (of course, most of the graves are empty) that seemed to be contributing to the recent zombie appearances. The implication was that people who'd committed suicide were returning as zombies because of something Huxley had found. Once we'd shared what we had to share and the Vampires did the same, they offered to let us hang out at the house for about an hour or so for the third one to come back so they could give us a lift back into Ramosis. And that's where the session left off.

The Fae game involved a lot of running around and confusion on my part. We had our usual political backstabbing, with half the town planning to kill the other half. Travis, an Eshu in town, did a little Soothsay ritual to try and find the safest way out of town and to the Queen's court to get this blockade dealt with. He received a vision suggesting that the remnants of the Morgantown Project were working on a way out and were planning on making the local court an offer. There was also a blurry part of the vision suggesting that they were going to find someone responsible and bring them to the court to face what was coming to them, but details were difficult to make out (as tends to happen with possible futures).

Joshua, not wanting to get in on the political stuff going on, cast Omen to see if he could get anything concrete about the ritual that's beeing performed in stages throughout town. Adalida had an almost identical idea, having had a series of nightmares about the rituals. Between Soothsay and Addy's nightmares, they got a sign that the guy they were looking for would be at the hospital.
Adalida's vision showed an image of a shadowy figure somewhere in the coma ward. She slipped into the hospital and checked the ward, and found the room seen in her vision. It contained a comatose young man who, a Kenning test revealed, was an Undone Sidhe by the name of 'Aaron Smith.' (a few folks may remember this is a past character of Andy's) He had a suspicious scratch on his arm, like someone had taken a blood sample in a hurry and without any actual medical training.

While she was checking out this floor, the rest of the Fae had shown up at the hospital, led by Joshua's vision. A couple of them noted that they'd found Martin Ashbury's car in the parking lot. They found ways into the hospital, searching the grounds, and there was much confusion as I was trying to figure out which group of Fae went where.

Glubbos, a Glome who came to the city a short while ago, and Ed (yes, the Solimond) happened to find Martin in one of the waiting rooms with a bandage on his arm. He said he was waiting for some painkillers to kick in before he left, having sprained his wrist. Glubbos and Ed threatened him to figure out if he knew anything, strongly suspecting that he knew something about what was going on. He said he didn't, and they left.

Everyone else eventually found Adalida on the coma floor. One of them (a new character whose name I can't recall) used Willow-Whisper on the hospital bed to get an idea of what had happened. While everyone else was talking about whether to do anything about the comatose ex-Sidhe, he then used some Chicanery to try and swipe the security tapes for the floor. He managed to grab them, but not without alerting security in the process.

Everyone got out of there. Eylonwy waited at Martin's car for him to come out for a few minutes before just leaving a note and heading back to the MountainLair (because of construction going on at Woodburn, we played at the Lair for the night). Travis waited at Martin's car for him to come out, and offered to drive him back to town because of his arm (and the painkillers).

All of a sudden, Martin's car caught on fire. Ed and Glubbos, not convinced of Martin's innocence, were planning on at least knocking him out to threaten him properly. Travis held them off while Martin managed to make his escape.

A little later, everyone got a look at the security tapes, and their fears were confirmed... the tapes showed Martin, dressed as a doctor, slipping into the room and taking the blood sample. Travis and Eylonwy immediately began hunting him down for answers.

They managed to find him a ways away-- or at least get a fix on his location, as he appeared to be invisible. He appeared to them, and after a few words he vanished, only to reappear on the other side. Martin had created an illusory double of himself to ensure they weren't going to stab him the moment he was within arm's reach. Of course, he has thus shown his hand to some of those who didn't already know-- Martin Ashbury is a hedge mage, capable of creating illusions.

They asked him about a story they'd heard about him carving someone up, and he told them that wasn't true-- which it wasn't. He admitted that he'd slipped into the hospital because he needed the blood of an Undone Fae for a spell component (presumably for something he's working on to help them learn more about the 'rakshasa' beneath Sunnyside). He was in the hospital anyways because he'd sprained his wrist during an accident with a stack of books. The reason why he ran back at the hospital, well... he was attacked by a couple of crazed Inanimae! Who wouldn't run?

They recorded his memories into a small artifact they had on them, and offered him a safe place to stay (he didn't take it in the end, though, leaving a note and the key under the mat) since he'd proven his innocence.

Things began to wind down after that... Jason Ravic, the mortal who's been occasionally hanging out with the Fae (and making them nervous, and calling the cops on them) had arrived. Glubbos had gone to speak with the Lost One, and was getting along a little better with it seeing as how he wasn't one of the 'meat-fae.' At one point Travis used Soothsay to try and find Glubbos, and received a very vicious shock from the unintentional attempt to scry on the Lost One's lair.

At one point, a couple of the Fae called the cops (well, one specifically called Detective Martin) on the mortal, as his carrying around weapons was making them nervous. The police came in and arrested the mortal, dragging him to holding for the night where Detective Martin came in and basically gave him a heavy warning about dealing with the Fae. He revealed that he'd been using a vigiliantism investigation to bring in Jason to tell him he knew Jason carried cold iron on him and knew what it could do, and in the process warned him about someone else who tried to put himself into a position to intimidate the Fae into respecting him. Basically, the detective told the mortal about what had happened to Derek Grant, aka Lord Draven.

Thanks to the weather turning bad (and the fact that it was really late), that's where that one left off.

Vampire was a little less intense (at least from my standpoint). We gathered at the Archbishop's place to have a little celebration at having captured Mascov, the guy who'd been spreading a Vicissitude disease. Nathaniel faced off against several hobos who had been collected for some gladitorial-style combat. After that, some status that had been taken from him was restored (the idea being that he'd nearly been killed for the purposes of entertaining the sect and thus proved his loyalty).

After that, we had a game of 'Capture the Bishop' (much like Capture the Ductus), which was interrupted by a nomadic pack showing up and more or less winning the game for us. We brought them back to the Archbishop and established a line of dialogue. There was some discussion of doing a group Vaulderie, but several of the Cainites in the city were nervous about doing that when we haven't yet found a cure for the disease. The last thing we want to do is possible expose some nomads and have it spread outside the confines of the city.

We did, however, have a Fire Dance. And as is tradition for this game, it seems, Simon fell in the fire and got a nasty burn. (I'm finally buying a level of the Fire Dance ability for retesting purposes) While Simon was chatting up the newcomers, a bunch of the other Cainites had their own little extra Fire Dance which I missed because nobody thought to mention it to him. Eh, oh well... Simon would have passed on another trip through the bonfire anyways. It takes Willpower to heal Aggravated damage, after all, and he's only got so much to spare.

But I think that's about it for the weekend gaming.

[0]-- Of course, this isn't a Moros stupid enough to sell actual occult texts. As a Guardian Cultor, he manages a small chunk of the Labyrinth... specifically, the chunk involving the 'Waldenbook Wiccan' subculture. He makes sure that those Sleepers unworthy of the truth (which is most of them) get books that are completely worthless from a magical perspective, ensures that those who seem to be ready to Awaken (or are at least bright enough to be useful to the Guardians) happen to find the right obscure books they need to take them further, and on top of that he uses his book contacts to help move around actual arcane tomes for other Mages.
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