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I saw Clerks II tonight. I really loved it, in a nutshell. Without going into detail, it made me think a lot about my reasons for wanting to leave Fairmont and move on with my life elsewhere. But it also did an amazing job of picking things up ten years later for Dante and Randal and allowing the two characters to really wrap things up for themselves. If that makes any sense whatsoever.

Let's see... I believe I left off with our cabal getting some clues on where to go next. The vampire that dropped us off at our respective places pointed out to Dewey that some of the clubs in town would be a good place to look, but to watch out because apparently that's a werewolf's turf.

After getting a night's sleep and regrouping at Dewey's shop, we decided to go after the Huxley family cemetery. We went out to find out that it was bordered with an extremely powerful electric fence. We gave the place a once-over, trying to find ways inside that wouldn't necessarily set off the alarms that wouldn't involve resorting to vulgar magic.

There was some discussion of drawing on Dewey's talents and crossing over into Twilight to pass through the fence. But Dewey remembered that since Huxley's a Tremere, that must mean he's a Moros. Which means he would have likely taken that into account. So Dewey gave the place a once-over with 'Speak with the Dead' and found two things: a) that inside the fence was a small army of mindless ghosts ready to go after anything that invaded their turf on their own plane of existence, and b) a magical field that did the dual duty of keeping them inside and made anyone who passed through the field extra tasty to the things inside. We decided that the thing to do would be to regroup and maybe track down our violent friend.

We backed off and returned to town proper. We started checking out bars and clubs and found one that appeared to have the guy we were looking for. We slipped the guy a note saying we wished to talk outside and left with Caduceus remaining inside to keep an eye on things. The guy went outside shortly afterwards. Caduceus, however, wound up drawing the attention of a weird guy in the bar who threatened him after getting his attention by calling out his true name. He was covered in tattoos of the number four and had actually surgically split his tongue into four bits (like how some people will split their tongues down the middle, forked-style).

I admit, bits of my recollection are hazy at this point. I really need to do these sooner in the week. I know there's at least one major detail from all of this that I should be getting, but I'd rather not reveal it until I can remember the exact context. We met the guy outside and explained that we had the same goal-- destroying Remus Huxley. We were able to more or less secure his help. There was also a bit where we found out that the weird guy with the screwed up tongue was a werewolf, and anyone he talked to was marked for death.

We headed back out to the cemetery, with plans to get in. Dewey drew upon his mastery of Death in order to cause a chunk of the electric fence to suddenly rust and fall apart. Then he used Matter to change the conductivity of the fence so that it was safe to duck through the hole. But there was still the matter of the ghosts.

As Dewey took a look at the place again, Caduceus used Spirit magic to spot a spirit in the graveyard that was distinct from the ghosts. Caduceus assumed this was the ghost of a past Huxley until Dewey explained, in a nutshell, the difference between ghosts and spirits-- and this was most clearly the spirit. It turned out to be the spirit of the graveyard, in fact.

We found out that Remus Huxley was once known as Hezekiah Huxley, and that nobody was actually buried in the graveyard. There was also something underneath the mausoleum, which covered an underground passage, but it was difficult to tell what. The spirit allowed us inside as long as we didn't screw with the architecture. He also pointed out that Huxley was in the passageway beneath the cemetery.

We went in and found that the ghosts couldn't actually do anything to us. Had we tried entering in the state of Twilight, though, they would have torn us to shreds. Score a point for 'knowing thy enemy.'

Just in case, though, we split up the group. Dewey and Erakös stayed up top while the other three went into the passage. We remained in contact via walkie-talkie, checking in every 10 minutes.

Caduceus, Infilux, and Zipporah were down there for a half-hour when the two of us up top heard a wolf's howl. We went back towards the car, ready to try and escape if need be. Well, there was an explosion of some sort underneath the car and we found ourselves face to face with a 9-foot tall lupine killing machine.

It was pretty bad. Erakös kept trying to psychically assault it as Dewey shot at it with his pistol, slowly backing away. To make a long story short, it slaughtered Erakös in three rounds. Dewey tried making a run for it, but he knew he couldn't outrun it. So as he ran, he cast 'Suppress Own Life' with the 'wake-up' trigger of "when he's touched by one of his mage friends" before suddenly clutching his left arm and keeling over.

Oh, it's a rare moment when describing your character as an old man has its advantages. The werewolf ate Erakös' body, ignoring Dewey-- after all, he was already dead (presumably of a heart attack), so where would be the fun in eating him?

We left off there since it was starting to get late, and we'll pick things up again with the remainder of the group at the start of the next session.

As sometimes happens at the Fae game, I spent so much time handling Storyteller duties I got to run very little, plot-wise. It happens sometimes; I wind up being too busy running the game to actually run the game. So there are just some highlights of the session I have to share...

Amanda brought back a character she hadn't played in a while, a Satyr named Isolde. In a perfect example of why we usually keep the Art of Aphrodesia under lock and key, she managed to get two other PC's into a three-way with her character (presumably from boredom, I dunno).

At one point, Gabriella sent a text message to Draven. Much to her surprise, she got a response saying that he was on his way. A few minutes later, a group of the Fae were approached by someone who looked like Christopher Walken asking to speak with Gabriella.

The two of them wandered off, and Draven dropped the disguise; he was now using Mask of 1,000 Faces to look like he had as a mortal. He said he ran into one of Dr. Skinner's Dauntain sidekicks, half-crazed, living on the streets. And Draven couldn't be sure, but he suspected that Quentin (the Redcap Dauntain that Skinner was training) was no longer a Dauntain. Regardless, Quentin was eating everything in sight and Draven couldn't think of anything else to do with him other than turn him over to the Fae in town.

Gabriella accompanied Draven into the sewers and to his haven, where he showed her Quentin. She talked to him a bit and managed to figure out that not only was he very crazy, but he'd been captured by Ed and kept inside the Solimond's anchor for a while and was recently released. She brought Quentin back to the Mountainlair, where she and the others tried to calm him down and got him 50 bucks' worth of Wendy's Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers in order to give him something to eat (as he was chowing down on everything in sight, possibly indulging in an activity he wasn't allowed to when working with Skinner).

At one point during the night, a few of the Fae (Alex's Nocker Dexter, another Nocker named Bart, and Kage) decided to kill off Zac's Sidhe Elric. They cornered him on the lowest level of the parking garage and fought him until he (to the best of my understanding, as I wasn't the one running the scene) fell on his own sword to rob them of the thrill of the kill. While this was going on, Eylonwy was luring Elric's ally, a Pooka, into a pet carrier while in animal form.

Killing Elric on the bottom floor turned out to be something of a debacle, given that they did it right in front of a security camera. All hell broke loose. Dexter tried to break into the security office, only to be stopped by a bunch of Sidhe guardsmen who were there for reasons he couldn't fathom. And everyone wound up fleeing when SWAT teams began showing up at the Lair. It was a pretty huge mess.

They found out that Bart was responsible, and Glubbos (Shomo's Glome) offered to take care of it. Bart was taken to the Lost One beneath Sunnyside, where he was made into a hearthstone for a new Inanimae-only Freehold. No, really. And that's about where we left off... a manhunt for Kage and Dexter, and a Freehold just for the Inanimae.

As a side-note, we're starting to just drop some of the pretense... the Lost One is more than just that. It's actually a raksha (yes, as in those raksha) that became one with the Earth when Creation asserted itself over the Wyld, and maintained a little pocket of 'Wyld-ness' that Elcid Rath was able to crack open again. It's very essence has tainted much of Morgantown, hence the proliferation of Fae there (as opposed to, say, vampires).

(One of my favorite moments a couple of weeks ago was letting someone in on 'the joke' so he wouldn't figure it out just to blurt it out at the wrong moment... he heard how someone had mis-heard the thing describing itself as a 'rakshasa.' We told the friend of ours that he could probably guess what the actual word was. He said "I could?" To which I replied "Because, y'know, before the Great Flood, before the Sundering, there was something else..." and he just completely cracked up. As a side-note, this is the guy who used to run Exalted for us.)

Vampire was pretty intense. Simon spent about the first half of it in a drunken daze because of a hobo he fed on. The way he put it... "The hobo said the voice of his whiskey was stronger than the voice of my God, and I'm testing that theory!" Someone jokingly asked what it means when 'lunatic Malkavian' gets drunk, and Simon commented "That means I know more about what's going on than all of ya!"

John Consamane (I think that's spelled right) asked Simon for help, as he had gotten a call from David Lourdes' phone (the former Bishop, the one who had stirred up the mini Anarch Revolt a while back). He and Simon went to Erik's place and discovered that David was still 'alive,' just in captivity. But he hadn't made the call, which means that someone had cloned his cell phone or some such.

We rejoined the rest of the Cainites at the archbishop's place, where we were getting ready to have the long-delayed Blood Bath to celebrate John's ascension to the position of Bishop. One of the Cainites, Meerlinda, refused to come participate in the Blood Bath, citing some ghoul babysitting detail. She continued to refuse, even when told that she'd be punished for it.

The Bishops, not planning on standing for that, announced that once the Blood Bath and a Fire Dance were completed, that she was going to be dealt with. There was going to be a Wild Hunt and everything. Well, during the festivities, Simon's Auspex happened to flare up and he spotted the 'Voice of the Free State' (the Malk who had at least partially orchestrated David's rebellion) in a state of Astral Projection. The Voice, with a wave of his astral hand, not only cleared up Simon's drunkenness but also inflicted him with a temporary case of Megalomania.

During the Blood Bath, when we got to the portion where everyone presents themselves to the new Bishop and swears loyalty, something interesting happened. We reached the part where Templars present themselves, and only John's Templars were there. Well, at that point, Erik said that he had a Templar present... and turned to Simon. Now, ICly and OOCly I know this is a political move... Erik feels that Evan's trying to undermine his authority; particularly, this was a response to a recent move where Evan suggested Simon's ductus, Ana, as a second Templar and after Erik said he'd think about it Evan told Ana she was Erik's Templar now. So pretty much to spite him, Erik's made Simon his second Templar instead. Of course, being inflicted with Megalomania at the time, there was no way Simon was going to turn that position down, even knowing what the score was.

After word got out, we were contacted by one of her packmates, Tersic (former priest of Simon's pack, who never told the rest of the pack he was leaving-- he just presented himself as the priest of a different pack). He said he had dealt with her himself and gave John a box of ashes that he said were Meerlinda's. Simon, not quite trusting him, used Spirit's Touch to try and find where the ashes came from. All he could figure out was that the ashes came from someone named Meerlinda. However, Simon realized something-- he's participated in a Vaulderie with Meerlinda, and he had yet to feel the Vinculum snap (Meerlinda's player thought the only person with a Vinc rating to her wasn't present so she'd be able to get away with faking her death; she was wrong).

He reported this treachery to the Bishops, and an all-out hunt was called for Tersic. He was eventually brought in to explain himself at the archbishop's place. He proceeded to spin an epic saga of bullshit where he described how Meerlinda had spent years searching for the perfect Embrace candidate and had ghouled her and was watching her at the haven. When he 'dealt with her,' as he said, he'd actually killed this 'perfect ghoul'-- whose name happened to be Meerlinda as well-- to punish her and presented us with the ashes. So during the shouting match that this interrogation featured, Tersic more or less confessed to defrauding the leadership of the Sabbat.

Simon, running off of a pre-arranged signal, lit a ring of fire around the area where Tersic was standing. And within that ring of fire was a bunch of the coagulant we recently discovered could severely slow down a Tzimisce in bloodform. He tried to escape, and almost made it-- but he was destroyed in the battle.

We have yet to see how the Meerlinda thing is going to play out, as after it was obvious her plan had fallen through the player stormed out, saying that we had no reason to assume that an intact Vinculum meant she was still alive because of the recent Vicissitude disease. Um, okay.

But yeah, that's it for weekend gaming.

This has taken forever for me to write. Later.

Edited for some character name mistakes.
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