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It's too gorram hot out. It's in the 80's outside, both in temperature and humidity.

The rest of the Mage cabal made their way deeper and deeper into the passageways. The passage eventually sloped downwards, and our Thyrsus detected something moving in the earth nearby. They came to the top of a hole. There were life signs at the bottom, but they couldn't see what was down there; just that the walls were coated with ice.

They decided to come back up top to get some climbing gear, as they couldn't find a safe way down to the bottom. They returned up to the surface and found everything torn asunder... the flipped vehicle, Erakös' torn up (and partially eaten) body, and Dewey apparently dead of a heart attack. They examined him and he suddenly got back up, coughing and telling them what had happened.

They talked about returning to town to get some spelunking gear, and Dewey asked if they'd checked to see if there were any ropes or anything in the tool shed in the cemetery. They decided to check and actually happened to find a bunch of leftover spelunking gear (after all, Mayor Huxley had had to get down there somehow, wouldn't he?). Also, Infilux found a drawer full of severed heads while he was in there.

He did something and got a vision of something so horrible it couldn't be described to the rest of us. Whatever it was, it prompted him to get us to destroy the tool shed after getting out what we needed. The spirit of the graveyard actually approved, saying that the tool shed was a place of pure evil that needed to be dealt with.

So we took all of our stuff back down into the passage, where we were attacked by the 'somethings' from before, a group of about 300 worms burst from the walls of the tunnel. We tried to wipe them out and wound up getting some help from the graveyard spirit. Between that and some Life magic, we were able to drive them off and continue.

We got down to the bottom of that pit with the spelunking gear (well, just barely), and found a bunch of people being kept in a form of suspended animation in a wall of ice. We were able to free them and wake one of them up... a Mysterium archaeologist named Herakles. Not about to back off when we were so close, we moved onward, interrupting what appears to be a duel arcane between Huxley and someone else... And we left off there, due to the impending 'boss fight.'

The Fae game was a lot of personal interactions, with most of the highlights centering around myself having to run a couple of cop scenes.

I mean, sure, there were chimerical explosions and lights going on a distance away, but the PC's wrote it off as just a quirk of the Lost One beneath Sunnyside.

Anyhow, following an 'anonymous tip,' the police came to the Lair to track down Kage. They arrested him, and naturally during the ride to jail he attempted to escape. He tried to make one of the cops' shotguns explode, and when they were putting extra restraints on them he used Wayfare to leap from the back of the police van... while lying on his stomach with his arms and legs cuffed behind his back. So after we handed out the Banality for doing this on a street full of mortal witnesses, the cops gunned him into Incapacitation and hauled him off to the hospital.

Gabriella came down to the police station disguised as Elric with Metamorphosis, and happened to run into the Kinain detective the Fae have dealt with so many times. He quietly took her aside, told her a) whatever she was doing wouldn't stand up to official scrutiny enough to prove Kage's innocence -- not even taking into account his escape attempt -- and b) whatever she'd done to disguise herself wouldn't last long enough to prove 'her' identity and leave before it wore off. Then he gave her a little lecture about dangerous Kithain like Kage and gave her a chance to duck out now before all hell broke loose. She took advantage of it.

A little later she had her mortal friend Tersic try to kill one of the other Kinain who was disagreeing with some of her policies. Of course, he didn't know that there were cops still watching the site just in case, and they came down and arrested him. He got out of that, though, by making a metaphorical deal with the devil... Pentex.

Some argument broke out between the two Glomes in the area that led to them dueling against each other... Shomo's Glome, Glubbos, beat Alex's Glome, Peter, but only after a huge battle that took forever in real time thanks to the use of Verdage 1 (which allowed Peter to wrap Glubbos in vines that were almost impossible to escape) and Petros 4 (which made Peter 'work' on geological time, allowing him an attack only every 4th round of combat).

After this, Martin Ashbury showed up with a severe burn on his arm, saying that he'd just had a magical battle with someone who vaguely resembled Elcid Rath, but not in time to interrupt the ritual that he was performing. This led Travis, an Eshu, to use Soothsay to track down the altar nearby where he expects the next part of the ritual to take place.

And I'm gonna have to handle a big stack of backdated scenes at this week's game, I just know it...

Also, no Vampire this past weekend. Last weekend of the month and all.
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