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Sorry for the rare updates. But I've been doing a fair bit of running around lately and haven't been sleeping as well as I'd like. So I'm mostly here for a game update...

However, Alderac has been putting out previews for the new L5R expansion, Rise of the Shogun. So that's something.

We picked up where we left off, confronting Mayor Huxley in the middle of a duel with what appeared to be a little girl being hung from a gallows. A couple of us shot at Huxley, hoping a bullet or two would make it through his shield, but no luck there. Herakles teleported up to the gallows and managed to free the girl, but apparently that was a bad thing... Apparently she'd put herself in the noose as part of some magic she was working, and by freeing her we screwed that up. We received a warning to get the hell out of there, which we did.

We got out of there and brought the unconscious people back to the surface. Upon leaving the mausoleum, we found that the werewolf had come back and smashed the other car, leaving us without a ride. We called the only folks we knew who were up that late... the vampires. After they got a huge laugh out of what happened to us, they gave us a lift. We got back to the bookstore and were able to determine that the still-comatose guys that were with Herakles in the ice had their souls removed, most likely for consumption.

Someone from the Order contacted us and offered to take the bodies off our hands once we'd determined that the best thing to do would be to quietly slip them into the emergency room and try to get out of there (they were waiting to see if we came up with the most humane solution).

After a night of rest, we got together to figure out how to handle this. Herakles looked into some Mysterium libraries and found some stuff about some unusual symbols that were on the floor of the chamber where the duel was taking place. What he came back with was very disturbing...

In addition to the 5 Supernal Realms, there was evidence of the existence of 5 Infernal Realms, each the counterpart of its Supernal equivalent. And Huxley seemed to be trying to tap into those realms. At some point, analyzing the encounter, Dewey remembered (with Encyclopedic Knowledge-- I swear that Merit was written just for me) that the Mayan underworld is supposed to be a very cold place... just like the passageway we found under Huxley's mausoleum. Also, there was something about the noose and the suicide... we started looking up stuff about nooses, Mayan ideas of suicide, and found out about Ix Tab... the Mayan Goddess of suicide, who appears in the form of a little girl wearing a noose. Yikes.

Zipporah dug out her map of the town and started going over places she's marked where weird things happen... and we all looked at the map, looking for a pattern. Then I remembered something... a discussion we'd had previously about the quirks of the Mayan calendar. It's arranged in a spiral shape, just like the town of Ramosis.

We more or less overlaid the calendar on the map of the town, and... oh, the things we found. All sorts of significant places in the town match up with notable dates in history. The mayor's office, naturally, was at the beginning of time in the center. The Huxley family plot is right at the spot representing the end of the calendar. Dewey's bookstore, interestingly-enough, happens to be at about the point that the Spanish conquered South America.

Herakles did some research that led to him discovering some sort of weird link between Ramosis and Veracruz, which isn't too far away. And the house where the vampires reside (which is right on top of a locus) happens to correspond with some incident in the Mexican-American war that Huxley may have been involved in.

Things wrapped up a little bit after that revelation, although I do wish to share this little quote from the game, while we were discussing Huxley...

Zipporah: He's got a supernatural Nixon complex!
Herakles: He eats souls?

There were a couple of major things going on at the Fae game. One was Kage's attempt to escape from the hospital once he heard that he was about to be formally charged with murder. Someone had gotten to his house and swiped Elric's body before his friends could get to it and the police were able to retrieve it. He set off a fire alarm in the hospital and managed to ignite his bed with Primal while it was outside. Through taking some damage escaping from cuffs and some quick use of Metamorphosis, he just barely managed to escape.

Now, back to town... folks gathered, and with the help of a chimerical storm they got a warning that the last part of the ritual was about to go down. They got out to the Arboretum just in time to see Martin Ashbury sacrifice Brin Dafydd (Gwyndaf's Eshu, offered up by his player for this purpose since he's in England for the next year or so) and become a Sidhe himself. He then invoked the Soothsay power Dance of Destiny, making him a fearsome opponent for the few rounds of combat that followed with a helicopter with a green PX logo circling overhead, watching. The Inanimae got there right after Travis and started pounding on him. They reduced him to Incapacitated just before everyone else arrived. Gabriella used Dictum to demand that Glubbos (Shomo's Glome) drop his weapon.

Of course, then he just bodyslammed Martin, using Petros to drag them both underground where he could deal with him privately. However, Dance of Destiny was able to give him an escape route through a tunnel that just happened to be there (which is how the power works). The helicopter went away for the moment.

Meanwhile, as payback for some personal BS, Gabriella had Blue's Eshu killed. I'm still not sure of the logic behind it, I just know that I don't want to have to hear players whining when certain characters get (or don't get) what's coming to them. In any case, while handling some off-screen moments dealing with the ramifications of Martin's escape, Andy's Kinain used the Bardic Gift Strain of Sorrow to really rip into everyone over the murder.

Greg's game was a slower one but had a few highlights. Simon rescued Zara, a recently-Embraced Malkavian who was stuck in a mental asylum. He gave her a brief introduction to some of the basics of vampiric (and Sabbat) existence and over the course of the night initiated her.

The pack of hunters on Path of Orion showed up, insisting that a group of Panders in town where responsible for destroying other Sabbat and practicing Infernalism. We determined that the claims were false and drove off the folks on Orion with the understanding that we'd deal with them more permanently in the future. Or something like that.

One of my favorite moments of the evening was discussing the 'change' that underwent Camarilla Malkavians back in 1997, during which Simon shared the opinion that he actually suspects that once the Cam Malks come to appreciate what's happened to them, they'd all defect to the Sabbat.

Also, at some point, a new pack in town took Zara and Mira out on a trip to take revenge on the parents that put Zara in the asylum some 12 years ago, but for better or worse Simon missed out on that one.

That's about it for the moment. Now to go run to the grocery store for my grandmother; I'll catch you guys later.
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