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Me again

I hit the Book n Bean earlier but didn't get much writing done-- I just couldn't get into the mindset for it, but that happens.

I think my old hard drive, the one that led to the replacement of my computer right after New Year's, is finally about to burn out. I'm slowly getting stuff off of it that I've meant to get off before now. But if I put too much strain on it it's locking up. Let's face it, that thing's had it and I'm trying to get a bunch of my stuff off there while I can.

Has anyone else tried watching 'Crayon Shin-Chan' on Adult Swim? I mean, I'm sure it's a lot funnier in the original Japanese where the jokes haven't been rewritten for an American audience, but that doesn't change the fact that it's just a series of dick and fart jokes. I mean, the reason I watch anime at all is to avoid the dick and fart jokes, let alone Adult Swim. I'm sure there are people that enjoy that sort of thing (probably the same people who enjoy 'Tom Goes to the Mayor,' where every episode is a 15-minute gay joke that leaves you feeling not only annoyed by distinctly uncomfortable by the time it's over). But I'm not one of them; I tried forcing myself to watch the show, and was so disgusted by it I changed the channel 5 minutes in.

Let's see... anything else going on... nothing that immediately comes to mind. Later.
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