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Gaming report

I'm planning on hitting the sack early tonight so I'm gonna go ahead and belt this out...

Well, the Mages were reunited with our Mysterium colleague, who said that he'd discovered that we might find some answers regarding the Mayor's past in Veracruz. We started making plans to travel there.

It seems that Huxley was involved in a couple of incidents in Veracruz during the Mexican Revolution, including the Tampico Affair. So it seems that some of his past lies there waiting for us to discover.

We heard a scream from downstairs at this point. We went down into the store portion of Dewey's place, and Dewey's employee was cowering behind the register because someone had just popped into existence right in front of him. It was the Free Council guy who was intent on blowing up the mayor, whose name -- Shadow Name or otherwise -- we had yet to get ahold of, but have been calling 'scarf guy.' Dewey sent his employee upstairs to get some rest while we chatted.

We talked to him briefly, and he more or less ripped into us for taking it slow and steady with trying to find where the mayor's power comes from. He said he'd been sent by the superior of his who'd posed as a superior of ours. We gave him a rough run-down of the whole 'map of Ramosis' and 'Mayan Calendar' connection, and asked him if he knew of any notable places in town just in case there were any dates we'd missed. He pointed out that there might be something on the beach, and that there was a junkyard in town with werewolves crawling all over it.

So yeah, now we know someplace to avoid... we parted ways with him, and it was shortly after that that all hell broke loose.

Someone hit us with some spell... well, more accurately, hit Caduceus with a spell that more or less caused his body to start to spawn... creatures. Things made of his DNA that started clawing their way through his body. Dewey and Herakles quickly drew their guns just in case something burst out of him that had to die, or if he had to be put out of his own misery. Caduceus tried his damndest to hold on while Dewey called that Awakened doctor at the university hospital. While we were getting him to come to the store and save us from what was obviously some miniature organic apocalypse, Herakles suddenly came down with a spontaneous case of something (I think malaria, or some similarly freakish disease).

The doctor came to the store and saved Caduceus by removing the creatures inside him, and all of the magic effects screwing with us just ended, apparently having worn off.

But yeah. That was about the last thing we expected. We cut off the session there, as Amanda had had to leave early and we didn't want to continue without her.

The Changeling game, as a couple of you will know, included a less-than-pleasant scene that was retconned and won't be discussed in-depth here.

Anyhow, Eylonwy passed on her power as Baron onto Eric, an Eshu who recently came into the city.

Afterwards, everyone met up with Helmut and his flunkies at the mall, who had arranged for a way out of Morgantown. They offered to drop the Fae off in Pittsburgh while they ran some errands. After a relatively short trip that involved some long-distance teleportation, they got to Pittsburgh.

Adalida was about to head to the building where she knows that the Duke in Pittsburgh handles court activities when the PC's were nearly run over by an Eshu messenger who'd been looking for them. He gave them an envelope that had dinner invitations to a very expensive Italian restaurant nearby called Maurice's.

They went to the restaurant and found that the place was run and operated by a Seelie Redcap. He said that he was unofficially giving them some help with resolving the problems with the political blockade. Helmut was up there meeting with the guy who was running the show, Maurice explained, and that he was buying them a very nice dinner to give them a chance to catch the guy in the act.

The PC's finished dinner and left, following some directions left to them and ran in on Helmut and the Sluagh Gabriella and Kael had met the previous week (whom the Fae have encountered a couple of times before). They disabled the two Changelings and brought them back to Maurice's. Maurice offered to keep an eye on the Sluagh, who while compelled to tell the truth by Sovereign admitted that he was responsible for the blockade as he was trying to turn Morgantown into the staging ground for a rebellion (which is odd, given that Helmut had previously indicated that the reason for the blockade was as a distraction from the 'chimerical power plant' he was building). He rattled off a list of names of Fae that were involved, and Maurice offered to hold him there while he arranged a quiet audience with Duke Abelard.

The rest contacted a mobster friend of Helmut's named 'Lenny the Cap' to transport them back into Morgantown. They brought Helmut back with them, dropping him off before more or less calling it a night with plans to return to Pittsburgh this week.

The vampire game was a short one, due to some pretty low attendance. There was an explosion at Woodburn, apparently caused by the spirits of the damned (Wraiths) trying to screw with the mortal mage who's a professor there. We subdued the professor and found out that the spirits wanted to discuss something with him that apparently involved setting the building on fire. Simon was in a fugue state for a good chunk of the incident so I missed out on a few details. But then, a lot of folks were either fugue'd out or had been rendered borderline comatose with Pandemonium.

We recovered from that and decided to interrogate Mascov, the Tzimisce who'd been spreading the disease. Erik and Evan put him in a sealed, electrified box with a homeless guy who's job it was to unstake him (and thus be sacrificed afterwards). They tried interrogating Mascov, but during it all Jededias Bratovich (the revenant we'd met before, who was later Embraced and found to have been experimented on and rendered immune to the disease) went nuts. We put them in the room together where they fought. Mascov ate Jededias and then kind of... exploded. Everyone who had been affected by the disease suddenly felt... better, as if totally cured. It seems the Vicissitude disease has been lifted. And we kind of wound down after that.

And that's about it for the moment, folks.

In unrelated news, I have only tonight discovered that you can find episodes of The State on Youtube. Hell yes.
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