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Hm, a couple of things...

I'm actually working on an entry for White Wolf's Bloodlines: The Chosen contest. Although in all honesty, after the novel contest the only reason I'm going to the effort at all was because I already have most of a write-up of my own take on the Mnemosyne on my computer anyways. I need to flesh it out a bit more, but since I've put the work into it already I may as well send it in.

I might have to get a new keyboard for my Palm. The old one's been spazzing out on me lately. A chunk of the typing area has been alternating between not responding when pressed at all, or cranking out multiple letters per button press.

My sinuses have been kicking my ass this week. I've had some real sore throat problems since the weekend, although thanks to the miracle of Claritin-D I'm returning to a point where I can sort of function.

And now...

Because of circumstances, only one of my three regular games this past week wound up meeting. Sean cancelled last week's Mage game (or at least I assume he did), as I couldn't make it into Morgantown (my own car was being worked on, and my grandmother doesn't want me borrowing hers to take into Morgantown during the school year). And part of the problem is that I have most of his books since he keeps leaving them in my car. And this past Saturday was a home game at WVU... and not only a home game, but the first home game of the year, and at that it's against Marshall University, the school's rival. And most WVU football games lead to rioting and random arson no matter who wins as it is. So Greg canceled his Vampire game to save everyone the hassle and potential danger of being in the middle of the whole mess.

So the Fae got together Friday, as they tend to do. The Baron gathered everyone together and talked about some of the biggest problems the court has to deal with at the moment... Duke Elcid Rath and the 'rakshasa' that has the freehold's hearthstone.

I wound up spending a bunch of time doing ST stuff, so by the time I was able to come back in during one of my brief moments actually getting to play Nick Pines, Marcus (Blue's Scathach Sidhe) was returning to Woodburn, having been nearly killed dealing with the rakshasa. He reported that it had a new friend now, some guy with golden armor, a sword bigger than he was, and a funny symbol on his forehead that looked like a circle of dashes or some such. Nick took off looking for someone to heal him, with no success. And then, right in front of us, he suddenly appeared to age a year and then return to his original age just as quickly, his severe wounds healing up in the process.

Yeah, so that was totally new.

A little later, a bunch of us got together to head back out to Sunnyside to do the most idiotic thing possible-- barge in there and demand some answers. We went into the building, and the Baron lowered himself down into the well. Down there, he was attacked by some... thing. We pulled him back up and a few of us took some serious damage fending off what seemed to be some sort of horrific skeleton-thing made out of tar. We were eventually able to fend it off and figured that maybe it would be best to try again later under better circumstances, and thus retreated to Woodburn.

And then, the sun rose.

Yes, that's right. The sun rose. At 11:50pm.

We figured that was a noteworthy incident to leave off on.

In unrelated news, I would pay good money to see Squidbillies and Tom Goes to the Mayor cease to exist.
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