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Haven't been too busy this week. Just lazy.

I am going to have to replace my Palm keyboard, though. It just keeps futzing out entirely on certain keys. It's very hard to type on it for more than a minute or two at a time. Just to save myself time and money on shipping, I'll see if I can grab one at Best Buy this weekend.

I've been meaning to post this, as well, something a friend shared on his LJ earlier this week. There really isn't anything I can say about it that isn't covered by the link, so I won't.

In unrelated news, you know a good sign that a movie is complete and utter bullshit (as opposed to just 'the usual bullshit')? When you see it listed on Commentary Tracks of the Damned and never heard about it to begin with.

Although I do have a system for spotting piece of shit movies that generally works pretty well... I generally don't put a lot of faith in professional movie critics. But if the only positive reviews come from some network affiliate in the middle of Kansas or something (especially if there are multiple quotes from the same review involved), then it's probably a piece of crap. Every now and again you get a good movie that's like that, but the system has pretty much improved my general moviegoing experience.

As a side-note, I have added as an addendum to this system that includes "websites I've never heard of that are probably just some jackass' blog" as a source for crap reviews.

Using Space to provide something of a 'camera' so we could watch from the portal, the three that made it to the temple swam through the ruins. The water pressure provided some problems, but they made it through. They eventually found a gap in one of the walls that led to a much deeper area, and they wound up making their way down to what seemed like a dry room underneath the water, with some barrier holding back the water while still allowing people to pass through.

The room was made of stone, with a small space between a rotating floor and the walls, obviously designed to grind trespassers up if they got stuck in there. Herakles tried drawing upon some of the... unusual studies he'd recently done, trying to invoke the power of the Infernal Realms through a twisted and evil equivalent of High Speech. He convinced the entity there to let him through by offering Infilux and Zipporah up as sacrifices to Camazotz.

The floor opened up and Herakles floated down, while Zipporah and Infilux did what they could to slow their sudden drop. They landed in some sort of ritual chamber filled with bits and pieces of bodies, and approaching footsteps from a side-passage. They hid behind one of the piles of bodies as someone came in and worked a spell of some sort. He then asked them to come out, and they had a chat.

He introduced himself as Dalton Vick, a name we've come to associate with the last guy to try running against Mayor Huxley in an election in Ramosis several decades ago. He presented himself as one of a few folks trying to deal with the mayor as well... if I recall, he said he was a contemporary of DeSanto, the drug lord whom we met upon arriving in Veracruz.

He commented that they only way they could have gotten down there was if they'd been allowed to by the master of the place before he sent everyone on their way, teleporting them back to the nearby beach.

Now, Caduceus and Dewey didn't see all of this... at the time the power of the Infernal Realms was invoked, it shut down the portal and the 'Space Camera' we were using to watch events. We got the hell out of the hotel room (as Herakles had clearly delved into dangerous realms and had a sympathetic link back to the hotel room) to grab some preparations for possibly having to fight the rest of the cabal.

By the time they'd gotten back, housecleaning had gone through the room and swiped anything of value among their stuff. Dewey and Caduceus eventually got back to the hotel room to answer to that, and we wound up trying to interrogate Herakles for what he'd done. He teleported away and we prepared to head back to Ramosis.

We got back and got in touch with the doctor from the hospital, asking for the contact information for the local head of the Mysterium because if we were to deal with Herakles we wanted to do it by the book by contacting his order first. After finding out the local head of the Mysterium was a teacher at the university who still lived with his parents and ran the local D&D club (where the rest of the Mysterium spend their time), we gave him a call.

He said in so many words that if the Guardians of the Veil had to do something, then he wasn't going to stop us. He basically wanted to remove himself from the unpleasant issue (not that we expected otherwise, we just wanted to give him an opportunity to handle the matter internally before the Guardians of the Veil made a big show of enforcing the other Orders.

Herakles, having returned to Ramosis on his own time, made some similar phone calls to try and get a head start on covering his own tracks, and we left off about there.

The Fae game wasn't a huge one, but consisted of a few major scenes...

Apparently Jason, the mortal who's been running around and occasionally dealing with the Fae, caused some sort of trouble that led to the Baron later faking a scene where he publically beat him unconscious and dragged him off to the police station.

Robert (one of the Kinain) and one of the recent newcomers, a House Varich gunslinger (who prefers to remain nameless), went to have a word with the raksha regarding the Changelings' Hearthstone that had been 'stolen' by the Inanimae back before the recent banning (in truth, the local Kithain gave the Hearthstone to the Inanimae to cut down on the power available to a Sidhe they were planning a revolution against). In the process, they wound up being aimed at the recently-escaped John Smith... the Dauntain who's been a plaything of the raksha and had been turned into... well, as a shortcut, let's just say that John Smith had been turned into a rough approximation of a First Age-era Solar Exalted. He'd gotten back to his old house, chained up his wife and son for their own protection and began setting himself up a throne and everything.

Robert and the Varich called the other House Varich gunslinger in town, Alain, and they went after him. After a huge battle where the raksha possessed Robert and granted him a bunch of powers to survive the battle. By some miracle, the three of them survived a battle that should have wiped out twice as many PC's and got out with the Hearthstone (although to my understanding, John Smith escaped in the end).

By the time they got back with the Hearthstone, a Boggan named Andrew Ness had shown up, explaining that he was an emissary from the higher courts to see if Morgantown desperately needed anything from up above. He was apprised of the local situation, about the current Baron and showed considerable alarm about what he heard (the open alliance with the Shadow Court, the recent revolution, and such).

He was around when the two adventurers had come back with the Hearthstone in tow, although saying they needed something to light it. Multiple solutions were proposed, and Ness said he'd pull a few strings and see if he could get something that would help them with that. And that was about where we left off the game.

As for the Vampire game, it was a pretty straightforward one... we had a big Scavenger Hunt, following reports of a zombie running around. It kept the local Cainites busy, gave them something to do, and Erik used the contest to try and have one of these zombies brought back for study.

We gathered up all sorts of blasphemous things (in an attempt to capture 'a sober teen,' Simon used Dementation to make a girl at a Christian Open Mic Night at a coffee house have a total freak out so she'd have to be taken to the hospital while some packmates intercepted her en route), and in the process wound up creating a new zombie to bring back. We couldn't figure out what force was animating it, finding no obvious connection to the recently Vicissitude disease. We gathered a bunch of mortals for testing, and among other things got a religious history (recommended by Simon). No obvious connection was determined, though... out of five mortals, two had no religious affiliation, two were religious and practicing, and the fifth was a lapsed Anglican. And we were informed that during the week, only the Anglican would rise, thus requiring more testing!

I'd go into more detail on the happenings of the Vampire game, but it would just involve describing parts of the scavenger hunt that even turned the ST's stomachs a couple of times. So forgive me if I don't.

Well, that's it for the moment, I think. I'll catch you folks later.

Ah, I wish I could make it to L5R Worlds this year... I mean, I got an invitation and everything (presumably because of the whole thing where I applied to get on the Story Team), but it's in Europe. And even if I'd had time to get a passport when I received in the invitation, I couldn't afford it any way. Oh well...

Next year I'm probably going to skip Origins and just hit Gen Con, thus I should be able to make it to next year's... when I won't have an invite. Dammit.

Anyhow, before I sign off for now, I wish to share this with you... this is what police stations in D&D must really be like.
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