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My sinuses are bugging me again. Sigh. Sinus drainage is messing with my throat again, and even though Claritin-D is certainly helping, with the cause of my sore throat, it doesn't do much to the sore throat itself. And I'm pretty much out of lozenges strong enough to work, so I'm just going to have to wait this out for the moment.

Even though I've had my computer since the year began, only today I actually tried out the DVD burner for the first time. Mostly because I hadn't bothered to get any blank DVD's until I saw a good deal on them up at a pharmacy yesterday. I wound up burning the Global Frequency pilot onto a disc so I could watch it on my TV. I've seen it a million times, but I do like being able to watch it while I sit at the computer without having to click between multiple windows.

Speaking of TV, did anybody else catch tonight's episode of House? Damn, that was a good one. Joel Grey is a very underappreciated actor these days.

Well, Mage wound up not happening just because of... circumstances. Just stuff happens.

Friday had a pretty calm Fae game, partially due to a low turnout. A lot of it was spent waiting for the Boggan Andrew's courier to drop off something they could use to jumpstart the hearthstone.

At one point, the Goblin called Mortimer came out and had a word with everyone, inviting the Kithain to have a chat with him to do something about their image. This went on for a while, although only two of the folks in town actually went to speak with him.

Eventually, Andrew's contact arrived and dropped off some borrowed balefire in a special container. Andrew and Baron Eric went to retrieve it from under some construction equipment near the building, when they were attacked by a chimerical dragon! Eric told Andrew to take off one direction while he went the other, calling upon his Eshu talents to escape while drawing the dragon away.

He made it into the Freehold to discover that in his absence, someone had taken the hearthstone... again. He stormed out of the room to find out who was responsible, and as it turned out a Sluagh also named Andrew was responsible... although whether it was a joke or it was meant to be a commentary about keeping an eye on the hearthstone is beyond me, really.

Regardless, they re-lit the hearthstone while a couple of folks when to have a word with the raksha (the outcome of which I'm honestly unfamiliar), and I think that was about where we left off.

Sean and I got to the vampire game kind of late, I wound up starting things off with a short scene where Simon (my Noddist Malkavian antritribu) had a run-in with a strange vampire in the abandoned house that he turned into a small Noddist temple. The vampire made a big speech about what a true holy place is, and stuff like that, and did something to the prayer chamber to make it give off something of a static-y effect when he goes inside. It's meant to be presumably familiar to the aura/vibe encountered in certain holy sites. A vampire who stays on and off at the temple, a Muslim Malkavian, had been incapacitated briefly by the encounter with the strange Cainite and could also feel the effect.

Trying to figure out what to do about this, Simon came to the Mountainlair proper, working out in his head who he could trust with this revelation. Regardless, it never came up because after several people bringing him things to use Spirit's Touch and Eyes of Chaos on he was brought in on a mission to try and find out more about the recent 'zombie' problem. We'd gotten a tip that the hospital's center for aging research might have something worth finding.

A few of us went out there and snuck in while Simon watched from outside. Those inside talked to the one researcher left in the place, and they came up with a plan to get his notes... mostly lead him out of the office, knock him out, and investigate the place at their leisure. The guy started appearing visibly ill, and once they got outside he spontaneously slumped over. Evan began acting weird, while Simon saw something strange with the help of Auspex and Eyes of Chaos... something jumping from the guy to Evan, as if he'd been possessed. In a panicked move, one of the others lopped off the guy's head just in case, and whatever was inside Evan left.

We got out of there and returned to the Mountainlair to find that the remaining Cainites had done something ridiculous drawing police attention. Not wanting to get shot just because they couldn't find anything better to do, we took off. And I believe the session wrapped up soon after that.

Okay, later, folks.
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