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Tales from the boring

Not much has been going on here besides gaming stuff, really. Although I really am due for a haircut, but I keep putting it off.

But then, I put a lot of things off. It could be worse, though.

We picked back up at the remainder of the Consilium meeting. Mac's player not being able to make it happened to work out pretty well with the fact that he'd left the meeting with a vampire at the halfway point and, well... he was more or less indisposed for the rest of the meeting anyways.

After the break, we sat back down (the Guardians getting chairs this time), and we talked about actually assigning different cabals to the tasks of dealing with the mayor and dealing with the werewolf problem. As we strongly suspected one of the local werewolves of being a flunky of the mayor, we volunteered for the group going after them. Naturally, the punk band cabal previously mentioned volunteered as well. This led to the Free Council and the Silver Ladder being assigned to deal with whittling down the mayor's influences.

We all broke up and Dewey talked to Rat, telling him that he'd send him what they had on Huxley. He doesn't mind sharing the information, but he doesn't want to cause a huge stir by revealing stuff that even the Mysterium has forgotten rests in their libraries. He caught up with the band, who wished to go after the couple of werewolves they knew resided in the junkyard we had previously been warned about.

We went out to the junkyard with the band, grabbing our sample of werewolf hair on the way just in case it might be useful. When we arrived, Caduceus did a check for any spirits that might be helpful, but didn't really impress the one spirit that we encountered (which we had no way of knowing, ICly, was the werewolves' pack totem) and thus procured no help.

Once we got inside, we were attacked by a bunch of wolf-spirits of some variety. With the help of the other cabal, who were more combat-capable, we managed to make our way through them. We went a little further and dealt with a single individual who attempted to dodge our requests to find the werewolf we'd had so much trouble with: Quatro, who has repeatedly mutilated in assorted ways to connect himself to the notion of 'four' being a sacred number.

It was pretty obvious this guy was either in league with him or stalling for time, and there was just no holding back the band any more. So we went after him, and were summarily all driven off by a Gift (Primal Howl, if I recall). The only one remaining was Jerry, the other cabal's beatstick, and he was pretty much taken apart the moment we were out of visual range. One of his remaining cabalmates (the woman from before) completely broke down and the other tried to console her. We all reeled from what we had just experienced as the last two members of the band climbed onto one of the three motorcycles, said we could have the other two, and just rode off.

Defeated, we knew that there wasn't anything more we could do now other than throw our lives away. We brought the motorcycles back to Dewey's store, not wanting to just leave them there, and found the Mysterium mages restoring the destroyed wall (it was the middle of the night by this point). We went inside and Dewey sent the basics of what we had on Huxley's past and odd magical connections to Rat over email and that was about where we left off.

The Fae game was one of those ones of loosely-connected events, but that's because Sean and I are going a little light on the heavy story stuff before really laying it on thick with the climax of our own personal metaplot.

One of the earliest of these events was the discovery (through unseen witnesses and subsequent torture) that the Sluagh had in fact killed Andrew Ness, the Boggan. He did, however, present something he'd discovered... the Boggan's notebook. He translated the shorthand in which the book had been written and found relatively detailed information about the Seelie Fae in town in addition to an odd amount of detail on which Changelings in town were Shadow Court and which ones weren't. It was pretty obvious from the notebook that the Boggan was some sort of Shadow Court plant.

The Baron, at one point, was invited to the home of Marcus Scathach. I missed part of what was going on, but in a nutshell Marcus tried to kill off the Baron. Something interrupted the fight, messing with both of them and teleporting them back to Woodburn. As the Baron was dragged inside the Freehold to be healed, using what little strength he had to get rid of his position, the something revealed itself to the crowd... as David Ardry.

As in, High King David Ardry ap Gwydion.

He apparently decided to take a personal hand into some of the stuff that he keeps hearing has been going on. He proclaimed that Joshua, Brendan's Troll, would be the new Baron and that it was his duty to put the city back in line. (as a side-note, this is the first time in the last year and a half that the city's leadership has not been decided by the other player-characters). A little overwhelmed by this proclamation, he quickly started gathering together those Fae present that he knew were capable enough to help him run the city. He got Ivan and Nick Pines to help him form a tribunal to handle judicial tasks (mostly unaware that the previous Baron had attempted the same thing and had it fizzle).

They recruited Roland Varich as a bailiff and decided to deal with Marcus for his attempted murder of the Baron. Actually putting the Boggan's notes about the Fae in town into use, we determined that between evidence and testimony that he was basically doing the wrong thing for the right reasons. We banned him temporarily from the Freehold (partially because we believe he's suffering from Bedlam), stripped him of his local rankings and titles, and basically assigned him to have to perform a few quests for us to be determined later-- a kind of community service.

During all this, some force outside lifted up a car and threw it at the building, scratching 'Where is my son' into the roof. Shortly afterwards, the police showed up... a guy named Special Investigator Grant. He was looking for someone... Lord Draven, whose real name is/was Derek Grant. Doesn't seem to be a coincedence. Eventually Joshua went to speak with him and was disturbed to find that the guy seemed to be able to see his Fae seeming but wasn't alarmed about it.

Special Investigator Grant asked to speak to Nick Pines, as he's been brought in to talk to the police about the stuff at Woodburn before. Nick, who was wisely cowering in the Freehold, was lucky that everyone was claiming they didn't know him. Eventually the guy left and Joshua talked to Ivan and Nick about what happened and why he could see Joshua's Troll-ness. Nick asked him who were the first Fae to encounter him... and it was determined that it was the local Pooka that met him first. Okay, so that solved that question.

We wound up putting off the issue of what to do about the Sluagh until later, as it was getting late, and about that time we called game.

Now, on Sunday, Shomo and Andy began a Requiem LARP that takes place in Fairmont. We started off with the standard LARP opening... folks in town haev disappeared, so there's a local power vaccuum, and the PC's are moving in to fill in the gaps.

There were a number of Lancea Sanctum moving into the city from the Sanctified-held city of Clarksburg, and a couple of Ordo Dracul heading in from the Dragon-held city of Morgantown to determine the locations of their allies and establish power bases. I'm playing Kyle Porter, Scholar of Blood (we were started off with a set amount of XP to improve our characters) and Sworn of the Axe. I was coming into town with an Unbound 'apprentice' of sorts, the Seneschal of Morgantown (an NPC), and another Lancea Sanctum character.

We were ambushed on the way there by some guys with shotguns, hatchets, and pins with the Lancea Sanctum crest on it. We easily took them out, commandeering their vehicle and meeting up with everyone else in town at the Book n Bean (yes, that Book n Bean, except in this world there's a hidden chamber in the basement used as Elysium). Everyone else in town seems to be either Lancea Sanctum or Invictus, and the Elysium was a bloodbath. Bodies everywhere, and it turns out the rest of the Kindred had been attacked coming into town by attackers identical in every way except wearing Ordo Dracul pins.

We went over the area, trying to determine any identifying marks as to the cause of what happened... and on the floor we found... the Roman numeral VII. We woke up one of the torpid vampires the rest had captured, and as my character suggested brutal torture, we tried interrogating him to learn what he knew. One of the Sanctified took him into a room alone and did what he could to pump him for information, got absolutely nothing, then diaberized him. After some soft roleplay, we left things off at there more or less.

Everyone's politically swarming around the Unbound Daeva, though, trying to recruit him. He's already been exposed to Ordo Dracul propaganda from my character who keeps making comments like "We could use someone like you in the Sworn of the Axe" and stuff like that.

And that's about it, I think. Sean and I are taking Fridays off now, and someone else is running a Mage LARP on that off week, so that's something. However, the addition of a Requiem game to my normal LARPing activities does mean these write-ups are probably gonna get a lot longer... just to warn you all. Later.
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