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Yup, me again.

Now that their servers are back up, just showing off this little gem that's been making the rounds...
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How many have your name?

And in some unrelated news, I'm thinking of starting up my own website where I give out awards to great moments in political bullshit. Or maybe even just dig out a digital camcorder and film little 'awards shows' for Youtube or something. I want to do this so I can start it off with an award for the most desperate political deflection ever: "Sure, Dennis Hastert covered up for Foley, but at least he didn't kill anyone like Ted Kennedy -- a Democrat, I might add -- did almost 40 years ago." (not an exact quote, but the rough gist of it)

At Sean's Mage game, the cabal was contacted the next morning by the doctor at the university regarding what had happened at the junkyard. We went down to the university, encountering the city's Adamantine Arrow for the first time. Apparently one of the Mages from the other cabal, Jerry, was still alive... but only barely. And the werewolves had sent him back in a crate. It was like that scene from Robocop 2 where he's taken apart by Cain's goons and then dumped the pieces in front of the police station. His arms, legs, and tongue had been removed and he'd been shipped back in a crate that had at one point been full of ants... we had been brought in because Caduceus is one of the more powerful healers in town and could at least stabilize him.

Caduceus did so while the doctor suggested that maybe we take a few days off to recuperate from the incident. The general agreement was that we didn't want to waste time if we didn't have to, so we returned to the bookstore to plan our next move.

We also heard that Zane (the revenant) had apparnetly barged into the mayor's house the previous night with a chainsaw, ate his cat, and fought him to a standstill -- apparently immune to Huxley's magic. Zane had been spotted at the library in town. So we went down there and gave the place a once-over. Caduceus and Mac found Zane in the basement and brought down Dewey and Infilux.

When questioned, he said he didn't know why Huxley's magic wasn't affecting him. He just knew that he burst in with a chainsaw (that he doesn't remember having before or since) and ate part of Huxley's cat as a way of getting his attention and terrifying a girl in the living room he assumed to be Huxley's daughter. However... we know from our research that Huxley has never had a daughter, and suspect that this may be Ix Tab. Before he left, he and Huxley fought, during which he castrated the mayor with his bare hands.

At one point, he revealed that he knows as much as he does about Mages because someone once said (soon before he died) that he was getting close to Awakening. He'd had contact with a group called the Cult of the Doomsday Clock, who'd given him a strange timepiece that erased matter around him, who explained this to him... at this point, it became clear to us what was really going on with Dewey's employee at the store, and there was kind of a quiet moment when we realized what was really going on there when he appeared to be having his seizure.

During the discussion, Zane asked Dewey to help him deal with the fact that he'd been decomposing slowly. The Moros gave it a shot and managed to help shore him up physically such that at a casual glance he could pass for human again. It came out, also, that Dewey knew Rat (the guy with the Free Council who had masqueraded as a Guardian to help get us moving at the beginning of the story), although he hadn't seen him since his death and thus didn't know that Huxley had put him in a wheelchair. Dewey asked Zane if he wanted us to pass along any messages to Rat, and he said that to say he said hello and that "he was still in there."

It was about at the point where we began to leave that all hell broke loose. An arm burst through the basement wall and just ripped Zane's head off. The wall opened up and Huxley stepped out. We all got ready for what was unlikely to be a pleasant conversation, and out of nowhere Infilux came up with a brilliant idea-- he cast Shifting Sands.

He rewound time such that now he had just enough time to warn Zane and cast Temporal Dodge on him before Huxley reached through the wall. As a result, Zane was still 'alive' when Huxley stepped through. We bantered back and forth while we all restrained the urge to just attack him there (which we knew intellectually would be a bad idea). He told us that we couldn't prove any of our accusations of soul-eating, and any eating of souls he'd done were criminals. He said that he'd been holding onto Herakles because he suspected the Mysterium member to be connected to the Doomsday Clock. He said that he was trying to focus on fighting a larger threat, five Mages who were attuned to the Infernal Realms and were part of an organization called Pentex. Dalton Vick and DeSanto were two of these, he said.

After some bickering back and forth, he reclaimed the equipment that had been taken from him and left before he grew too familiar with us and vice-versa. He left at that point, where we more or less decided that he was still the first threat to deal with. Even if we could believe a word he'd said, he was still a serious threat. Even if he was trying to maintain some sort of crusade against the followers of the Infernal Realms, Dewey argued, the wrong thing to do was to become a soul-eating monstrosity to deal with it himself.

But we left off about there, in part because Sean was completely unexpecting us to be able to stop Zane from being killed. Hee hee. I admit I get a bit of a kick out of the thought that only Infilux knows what actually happened, and everyone else has simply chalked it up to the fact that Acanthus are prone to knowing when something is about to happen.

On Friday, Dusten started up the first session of his monthly Mage LARP (possibly twice monthly, if his schedule would allow him to run it on the off-Saturday for Greg's game) to be played when Sean and I are taking time off of Changeling. It was a basic 'meet and greet' session, although I was both pleased and surprised to find that he was dispensing with the standard LARP formula of "for the first session, you're all dragged here because people have disappeared or there's some power vaccuum." But we got together and were approached by a couple of more powerful Mages than ourselves-- a Verbena and a Virtual Adept. It was explained that there are two Nodes on campus, and that the higher-ups (read: Hermetics) decreed that we'd be assigned to one or the other.

I'm playing a rave DJ/techno composer Virtual Adept named "DJ Fractal," who pretentiously speaks with a fake British accent when he's 'in character' (in other words, when he hasn't been spontaneously ambushed at his home at 6 in the morning or something). In town we've also got a technology-minded Chorister, a couple of Hollow Ones, another Verbena, and a couple of Mages whose Traditions are unknown to me because they mostly sat around doing nothing.

But anyhow, folks divided up between their respective Nodes, and that was mostly it. Like I said, simple meet-n-greet.

When Sean and I got to the Vampire game, we were ready to be brought along on the trip to follow the zombie migration. We followed them out into the middle of nowhere, where we were suddenly threatened by werewolves in the woods. Someone who happened to be passing through town who had gone on ahead came back to get us past the BSD's... Beckett. Yes, that Beckett.

So we continue on past the BSD's, and find the zombies out surrounding a cave or something that was being guarded by a couple of monstrosities. We split up into teams to fight the monsters, which worked reasonably well until Simon got hit with a blast of infernal fire that put him into a crazed babbling trance. He was dragged out to the car after the creatures were destroyed and everyone went on ahead.

I don't know exactly what happened in there, I just know that everyone came running out in a panic saying that they'd just started Gehenna about the same time the moon suddenly turned red. Simon went into another trance of sorts, reciting the 'Signs of Gehenna' passage from the Book of Nod. We got the hell out of there and that was about where things left off for the night.

Sunday was a short game. Kyle, my Mekhet, was checking a known Wyrm's Nest in the area underneath one of the FSU dorms and found everyone else there. We ventured into the passageways underneath the building and found a disgustingly fat vampire there (a Macellarius), a member of the Circle of the Crone who according to Kyle's records had held the site for the last month and a half. After some boasting on the vampire's behalf concerning how badass his covenant is (his particular local Crone cult is referred to as the "Seven Pillars of Dionysis") as opposed to the rest, Sean's Invictus Daeva frenzied on him and all hell broke loose.

A fight broke out which grew even more chaotic when one of the Macellarius' retainers turned out to be a Mage and transformed into a dragon. Kyle, who was staying out of the fight, stepped in to at least try and deflect some of the dragon's attention and got burned in the process. The Macellarius was taken down and summarily diablerized by the Daeva (some of the players of the game are just too used to playing Sabbat and had forgotten just how big of a deal diablerie is in the new system; I myself am not entirely innocent of this).

Everyone started going through his things while a few of us went back to the Book n Bean to see a major TV psychic there warning people about undead monsters in their midst and giving tarot card readings. Kyle and the unbound Daeva he's been slowly converting to the Ordo Dracul's way of thinking had a chat with the mortal and the guy gave a couple of odd but particularly insightful card readings. When the guy left, we followed him back to the hotel where he's staying. Mark was left there while Kyle went back into town proper to check up with the others.

He found out that they found a way into the Macellarius' room of cool treasures (apparently there was some werewolf blood there that was offered to be split with Kyle), but there were some traps. They wished to send Mark through first, but Kyle volunteered to go with him as there was almost certainly some Ordo Dracul stuff in there. So we brought Mark back and went through some Indiana Jones-style traps that almost killed us.

However, there wasn't anything Ordo-related in there... a bunch of preserved blood, what looked like a gigantic wine press, and a couple of books and a bronze gladius. Also, on the way back into the building, Mark and Kyle had encountered a Mage who was apparently some sort of rival to the one we'd met with earlier. So once we were down there, he sent us some ridiculous telepathic messages and offered to relocate the wine press for the Daeva. We took him up on the offer and he moved the wine press to a room off of the Elysium.

Things trailed off a bit after that, during which Kyle talked to his superiors about allowing Mark to join the Covenant, as with some polishing he might make a decent Sworn of the Axe. They agreed, and he's inducted Mark into the Order and is beginning to teach him some of the earlier Coils.

And I think that's about it for gaming this past weekend.

End of line.
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