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Some random linkage and comments

It's been discovered that stress can encourage the development of Alzheimer's. Great, just great... running a LARP is going to melt my brain. It's been proven. I'm doomed.

Someone's more or less proven that medical studies funded by drug companies are just commercials to get you to buy the drug. Sure, it's nice to know someone's put some numbers behind this, but I still want to respond with a resounding "Well, duh." I mean, have you read those things? It's like an internet service provider's webpage, where they have the little table telling you comparing their features to everyone else's, and it just so happens that the little green checkmark is present for their column in every row while everyone else gets a red 'X' instead.

Some major film distributors have decided not to show a couple of films that criticize the Catholic church and seriously and intelligently debate Bush's impact on the world. I mean, sure, one deals with the purely hypothetical topic of "How would things unfold if something happened to the President," but it's apparently a very serious and thought-provoking film. I mean, anybody can ignore satire, but actually coming at an issue from an angle that might make people think about it is the scariest thing that any government could imagine. I honestly wonder what the history books will say about is 50 years from now; I say 50 because by then the backlash about the "bias" of what the 20-years-from-now history books say will have kicked in and people will probably get more of the true story.

A judge in Florida has told Jacktard Thompson that he's not going to ban Bully. But the whole article itself is funny.

I'm not sure what hurts Thompson more... the fact that he has the sheer gall to imply that the judge was less able to understand the game than most of the mouth-breathers that play them, or that he admits in his arguments that it's possible to avoid 'making violent choices' in the oh-so-violent game.

In unrelated news, I'm looking into finally upgrading to DSL... and one thing I find hilarious is how the companies that provide it go on and on about how "Oh, it's 20 times faster than dial-up" or "It's a quadrillion times faster than dial-up, ZOMG!" and then there's that line at the bottom... "By the way, we're comparing this to 28.8 kbps, a dial-up standard so slow and outdated the Amish fucking use it."

Many things amuse me today.

Oh, before I go... Apparently stress has been discovered to be a factor in the development of Alzheimer's. Huh. Who knew.
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