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It snowed today. Snow. Fucking snow. Yikes.

Any of you hear about this asshole? I think people are starting to see the breakdown that happens when sports-obsessed assholes raise kids to be sports-obsessed assholes and so on and so forth. They try to turn their children into clones of themselves and we hit a Xerox effect.

Although the article does make me think about some of these parents' groups and the like, independent organizations that give people and other groups 'grades' on behavior or activities or whatever. This isn't school anymore; nobody cares if this politician gets an 'F' on this commission's report or a C on that organization's study unless the commission/organization actually has the power to do something about it. A lot of these commissions and the like think their part is done when they spend a bunch of time and money to do something that's about as effective as me bitching on my LiveJournal (possibly even less so; after all, people get questioned by the Secret Service over shit they say on their blogs).

It reminds me of something that happened a couple of years ago. In Fairmont, we've got the Monongahela River running through the center of town. There are a couple of bridges that cross the river (the 3rd Street Bridge and the High-Level Bridge), and there used to be a third that was closed off but not torn down until after the incident I was describing (the Low-Level Bridge). One of the remaining two bridges, the older of the two (the High-Level Bridge), was being restored and was closed off. The change in the traffic flow started slowly killing off the businesses on the street where both bridges come out (Merchant Street). People who would have used the High-Level Bridge to cross the river to shop at Merchant Street (like the residents of an old folks' home in Downtown) instead went a little further on that side of the river to avoid the traffic and shop elsewhere; similarly, the different flow of traffic made it hard to get in and out of the limited parking space on Merchant Street, so less people shopped there. As a result, a major grocery store shut down and other businesses were really feeling the crunch.

The businesses started complaining to the city. The city, in turn, told them that they would look into possibly reopening the Low-Level Bridge as a foot bridge or something so people could park Downtown and reach Merchant Street without having to fight the traffic. Or at the very least, for long enough to complete restoration of the High-Level Bridge. And the businesses assumed that the problem was going to be taken care off and backed off.

I wonder how many of them realized that it was just smoke-blowing. Because I know I and several other people knew that their squawking just got a hand-waving away and that was it; y'see, by the time anyone would be able to do a study of the Low-Level Bridge detailed enough to determine that the structure was sound enough, the High-Level Bridge's restoration would be finished. But the requisite bitching was done, someone pretended to listen, and the issue was promptly forgotten.

So that totally solved it.

In unrelated news, I keep seeing promos for the DVD release of "An American Haunting." Just watching it, and hearing the increasingly-common 'based on a terrifying true story' claim, my first thought is "Is it based on the terrifying true story of the filming of The Blair Witch Project?"

This was kind of a light one, sort of... (the whole weekend, I mean)

Sean wrapped up his Mage game this past weekend. In a nutshell, the cabal decided that the time had come to deal with Huxley once and for all in an all-out attack (partially because the way certain things had gone, we were just all ready for the game to be over-- some of you know why). After some of the traditional "last day to live" preparations, we got a night's sleep and went out to draw Huxley into a surprise confrontation at his plot. The preparations culminated with Dewey, before getting out of their car, saying "My name is Isaac Richards. And arguments aside, it's been fun working with you." Everyone else chimed in with their own names as well.

Y'know, I honestly wonder if that happens in Mage cabals where they all expect to be dead in a half-hour... just as part of the final hurrah.

Before Huxley arrived, though, the werewolf that had killed Erakös showed up and insisted on finishing off Caduceus once and for all (as after all, he had marked him). When the rest of us stood up for him, he offered to give us each a free shot at him. If we managed to drop him in that time, then he'd leave us be. If we didn't, we had to let him take Caduceus.

We each took a shot at him, pretty much doing nothing to him in the process, and Caduceus taunted him and he succumbed to the death rage. We tried fighting him off, but at this point Huxley just strolled out of the mausoleum and waved his hand and made the uratha fall over of a heart attack.

He started to make a whole "Didn't we talk about this" speech but we cut him off and just laid into him. It took a while, with everyone else attacking him and Dewey busting his ass at disabling his assorted shields. Eventually, a Pentex helicopter came down and one of their snipers took him down. A couple of us went over to Huxley's body and just unloaded into him to make sure he was good and dead.

Then the werewolf started to get up, and a couple of the others completely finished him off before he could get his bearings (Dewey stayed out of it; finishing off Huxley is one thing, executing a defenseless werewolf is another even if the werewolf has it coming). Then a couple of the Pentex guys came over and made a big speech about how things are going to be so much easier for them now, and yadda yadda yadda... but we wrapped things up about there and started talking about what we're going to play next, which is gonna be a Promethean game run by yours truly.

The Friday game was a short one. Sean wasn't feeling up to running an entire game and had we not had a sudden influx of people show up we would have called it from the start.

So all we got was a short scene where Harroth Balor showed up and, after deflecting a crazed attack from Marcus Scathach, explained to the Fae that there was something he needed. He needed them to bring him the local Shadow Court Count. I can't recall exactly what he said (partially because I'm trying to sort out what he said from what I know he wants ICly) but he implied that it was in the world's best interest that Gill be brought to him.

There was a bit of time to deal with the revelation, but we called game early when it came down to it.

We got to Greg's game kind of late due to an L5R tourney. We apparently missed one of the other vampires in town (Talios) revealing himself to be an Infernalist and being put down after he killed one of the other Cainites. Also, the Voice of the Free State had broadcast a bunch of apocalyptic stuff.

Given the choice of dealing with the infernalism and the Voice, we went to investigate the Talios' nightclub as we were pretty sure that that would tie into the horrors we faced and the recent zombie plague.

We went into the club and discussion of Talios brought some vague answers. We went into his office and Simon gave it the once-over with Spirit's Touch and discovered a panic button in the desk, a keypad underneath it, and that someone had recently taken a book out of a false bottom in a drawer. Also, at one point, Simon was suddenly hit with a vision of Talios in a cave, being stood over by someone in a grey cloak, very similar to the man who worked the mojo on Simon's haven.

Before they left, Simon was able to figure out the code on the keypad using a combination of Auspex and Eyes of Chaos and found a security room. We asked for a few particular tapes that Simon's intuition suggested were... significant.

We brought those back to look over and found the Inquisitor there asking questions about the Talios incident. A couple of us are going to be tortured for information during the week, but the results of that will come in due time.

The Requiem game was also short due to a low attendance. We attended the Lancea Sanctum's Midnight Mass in Clarksburg. While there, we met the Prince of Clarksburg, a man by the name of Abraham Von. He asked us about our recent troubles, and we gave him the basics of our problems with the Pillars of Dionysis (or as Kyle made sure to emphasize, the Seven Pillars of Dionysis). We said we were going to try to disrupt their Halloween ritual, but we still had to nail down the location-- a place we knew only as "The Theater of the Willows."

Von was able to help with that... he said he knew in South Fairmont where there was an old willow tree that was commonly used for hangings. He suggested we check there.

Afterwards, he pulled Kyle aside for some odd questions about the Ordo Dracul that Kyle opted to answer with little more than the publicly-known party-line info on the Order.

Everyone else went back to Fairmont and decided to go ahead and get a head start on that whole 'vampire killings in clubs' thing. They sent out one of the Lancea Sanctum guys (the only one with any decent Humanity) out as bait. And he found it, in the form of an Asian woman who led him out behind the club and then attacked him with what seemed like a vampire-like maw, but definitely not Kindred. They fought and she pretty much disabled him, drained him, and left him in the alley.

He woke up and then frenzied on a guy who came out and watched the fight, but then the guy hit him with some sort of bizarre psychic attack that left him curled up in the fetal position, reliving the attack. That's where the rest of us found him and got him someplace safe. (I really need to start learning the names of the other PC's)

Well, that's it for the moment. Next week's gaming write-up should be slim pickings; this Friday is our Halloween party, Greg's Vampire game doesn't meet the last Saturday of the month, and the tabletop group is taking a week off before we all get together to do Promethean character creation.

So I'll catch you guys whenever.

In unrelated news, get Okami for the PS2. Man, that game is good.
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