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Had something of a relaxing weekend...

This past weekend was a bare minimum of real gaming, and I can live with a break like that from time to time.

But first... I'm finally getting around to upgrading to DSL. I managed to get a good deal on the service (didn't go for the full 3Mbps, though; I mean, what the hell am I going to do with that much bandwidth?), and I got my hardware and 'service is ready' notification earlier than expected. I'm gonna set it up later today. My computer doesn't have an ethernet card, but the DSL modem I have has a USB option and I've got an available port. That should work for the time being, unless anyone out there more knowledgeable of this than I am can say that I should get an ethernet card as soon as possible or else my computer will explode.

We're taking a break between tabletop games on Thursday before I go into our Promethean game, so we didn't play this week.

Friday, Sean and I had our Halloween party LARP. It wasn't anything special... just a Gehenna scenario with the players drawing random Vampire: The Masquerade Antediluvians and just having a freeform goof-off-fest with Level 10 Disciplines. It was a fun way to kill a couple of hours.

As it was the last weekend of the month, Greg's Vampire game wasn't held.

And Shomo's Requiem game on Sunday was a pretty short, simple one. We prepared for an assault on the Circle of the Crone during one of their rituals, either destroying them altogether or at least driving them out of town. Darin, Zac's Gangrel, gathered together some stray dogs with Animalism for some support in the attack. There was an upsetting moment when my character went to pick up the ghoul that Kenny's character Embraced a few weeks back, just to find that he'd been destroyed... with the mark of VII on the floor and a bronze gladius like we found in the Macellarius' stuff in the room.

The attack was short and pretty short casualties for us... a number of them were taken care of in the background by an NPC while we wiped out the other half of the Seven Pillars of Dionysis. The Jack Russel Terrier that Zac got in his little squad of stray dogs was an unholy terror; due to some lucky draws the dog managed to deal more damange than most of us.

Regardless, when the dust settled, they'd been disabled. Ezekiel Stone (the Seneschal of Morgantown, Shomo's aforementioned NPC) finished them off while we brought one of them back staked.

And that's it on me for the moment... by the time I see most of you later, I'll probably be on broadband. See ya!
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