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Sharing one or two little tidbits

First off, on a whim I put myself together a new icon (seen here) for when I'm feeling uber-geeky. For those who don't know the context, it's from a recent episode of Heroes on NBC, with Hiro Nakamura reflecting with a way-too-pleased look on his face on the notion that his future self (who contacted someone in the present) had a sword strapped to his back.

Second, I just feel like sharing a brief exchange I had last night with Sean and Shomo at his place before I forget it... this is it in rough terms...

We were watching TV and a commercial for the Little Man DVD release came on, and I noted:
"Y'know, I heard somewhere that Little Man holds the record for hitting the Bottom 100 at the IMDB the fastest."


"Yeah. Something like 48 hours. Even faster than Gigli."

"That's because people went to see Little Man. Nobody saw Gigli."

"What?" I noted. "I doubt that, I figure everyone went to go see it just to see Jennifer Lopez die on-screen."

"Jennifer Lopez didn't die in Gigli."

"She didn't?" I paused. "Shit, I was thinking Jersey Girl. You're right, nobody did go to see Gigli."

I dunno, I thought it was funny. Or at least worth sharing.
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