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Man, where did the week go?

I can't believe it's Wednesday already...

First off, I'm not gonna say anything about the election. Anything that could be said about it has been said already by someone better equipped than myself. Anything I'd have to say about the matter is gonna sound like cynicism for the sake of cynicism... but trust me, anyone familiar with West Virginia politics would understand that.

"It's a Good Life" was on the Sci-Fi channel last night... man, that's a good episode...

This Thursday we just had character creation for the Promethean game I'm going to be running starting this week.

Dusten ran his Mage game this week since Sean and I take off the first Friday of every month. This past session started off with a Mage we'd met at the first session named Bob asking if we could do something of a favor for him... he said he needed us to help him get into his house and do some remodeling. Now, not being stupid, we knew there was more going on. However, we were bored and he was offering money.

So we get to this building with steel walls that was radiating something on the UV spectrum. Shomo's character tried picking the lock and thanks to some subconscious magical intervention on Sean's part he got it open. We came into a room with a summoning circle on the floor and a couple of large candles on either side of it. The guy told us he needed the candles, and I went to start hauling them off. A couple of the other Mages saw something in the circle but for some reason refused to give anything other than a vague warning so I just shrugged and kept at it. As soon as I'd managed to move the candle, Sean's character screwed up the floor and a demon materialized inside the circle, said 'thanks' and just took off.

We made our way to the hallway beyond, which was lined with runes written in blood. Amanda's character took a look at them as the rest of us were asked to move a chair from the hallway and those candles from the first room out to Bob's car. We found that there was a secret door in the hallway hidden by Correspondence magic, so my VA was asked to give it a once over and see if I could counter or dispel the cloak on it. After doing so, we came into the room that was the source of the UV glow: what looked like an old NASA mainframe. We hauled that out to the vehicles piece by piece before moving on to the final room. The last room was pitch black but contained some sort of gem that glowed in the center (without actually dealing with the darkness) and was ice-cold to the touch. It was a simple matter to claim that and leave.

We got paid for our part in stealing from whomever it was, although my OOC expectations were proved to have some weight when Bob wound up giving us the stuff we got out of there, saying they belonged to us after all. And that was mostly it.

The Vampire game was a short one. We arrived at the Archbishop's place for Palla Grande (a backdated scene) to find the mansion on fire. And about the time we got there we felt our Vinculum to the Archbishop snap. Shortly afterwards, the Cardinal, the Inquisitor, and the Dominion of the Black Hand showed up to see what was going on.

We had a discussion about what was going on in town and pretty much planned for the future, and used the incident to fuel ourselves up for an upcoming siege on Charleston. We had a huge fire dance over what was left of the mansion and the Dominion was put in charge of the city for the time being.

We wrapped up a story on the Requiem game, finally hunting down the thing that's been killing club-goers in town. The city's Mages talked to us first, saying that they wanted it for study, dead or alive. We found it outside one of the bars in town and beat it into submission, delivering her to the Mages. Prince Wormwood, Sean's character, also asked the Mages if we could have a word with the werewolves one of them commented lived in the area so we can at least have a chat about how nobody wants any trouble. The Mage made a few phone calls and arranged a meeting with one of them. Also, he said that from early reports it appeared that the woman we picked up was a being called an Aswang, something vampiric in nature but not a true vampire. We chatted back and forth about where they come from and what they're like and offered to help with their experiments in the future.

The werewolf representative came over and we mostly had a talk about how we want to make sure nobody wants to cause trouble. He made a big show of how he doesn't think he and his kind are worried about us, and Amanda's vampire frenzied on him. He shifted to Gauru form, picked her up by the head, and tried to fling her across the room. Darin used a Theban Sorcery ritual that temporarily incapacitated her while we had time to work things out with the werewolf and he left.

Also, early on I'd gotten news from Ezekial Stone that shortly before our raid on the Seven Pillars' of Dionysis ritual at the previous session, one of them had gotten to the Prince of Morgantown and eliminated him, leaving the signature 'VII' by which we'd come to know their passage. Ezekial confided in me that they'd gotten to him during the day somehow, but regardless Ezekial is now the Prince of Morgantown and thus he won't be able to do much to help us in the future.

And that's the gaming write-up in a nutshell. Just to get some of this out, though, I'm thinking that I might do two different posts each week... one on my tabletop game, and one on just the LARP stuff. That way people who only want to read one or the other can.

And now, to take out the trash. Later.
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