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Just some stuff, nothing special

Gaming write-up will come later. We had a couple of latecomers (folks who weren't able to attend the character creation session) at the Promethean game, and I'm still trying to nail down all of the particulars on their characters. (Speaking of which: Amanda, Andy, if either of you read this, I'd really appreciate it if you'd email me with a slightly more detailed run-down of your characters' backstories. If you don't know it already, you should be able to find my email address on the profile for the Fae game.) Either way, I'm probably going to start splitting up my tabletop and LARP reports.

Next up... The greatest product demonstrations ever.

Have any of you ever realized that there was someone you were dealing with, and decided your life would be better off without them? And so you shut them out and actually manage to forget about them? And then something happens to remind you of their existence, and then you realize that you genuinely are better off? As sociopathic as it sounds, that happened to me a while back. It's an interesting feeling.

Y'know, I'm more than aware of the fact that we have to have advertisements on everything now. But you know when it gets the most annoying for me? When I'm in Shop and Save (pretty much the only grocery store chain left in Fairmont now), and I have to hear advertisements for Shop and Save and their whole 'gas coupons' program over and over again. I mean, apparently they play those just in case someone walks inside just to hang out there for more than 30 seconds without planning on shopping. Also, the cash registers have little picture-in-picture video screens in the corner where they play 5-year old commercials over and over.

Well, there's that, and also where my digital cable box will be used to advertise shows to me via the box's 'Messaging' function that presumably is supposed to be for notifications about service and account problems and the like. That's a little obnoxious; what's next, ad banners on the Emergency Broadcast System?

And a question to other Gmail users... is anyone else having trouble with their Web Clips as of late? Every now and again the things spaz out anyways, and it's been pretty bad lately. So is it happening to anybody else?

Is it me, or did this past week's episode of Metalocalypse actually have something hinting at an overarcing story? I mean, we usually have to deal with that little council of guys who watch Dethklok's every move and are apparently preparing for something big to happen, but now it seems like there's gonna be an entire story arc there all its own. Discuss.

Also, speaking of television shows... Heroes is starting to get good. Damn good. I'm suspecting that the next time we see Hiro, he'll show up having spent a lot of time bouncing around in time preparing for the badass version of himself seen at the end of episode 4.

Also, I've got a theory about something... one of the recurring bits on the show is the message "Save the Cheerleader, save the world" that is given to the characters. While Claire is colloquially known as 'The Cheerleader,' and is indeed in danger, I half-suspect that it's going to be revealed that her rival on the squad, Jackie, is actually the cheerleader they have to save. It's just a theory I'm throwing out there just to sort of give me 'I told you so' rights if I turn out to be correct.

That's about it for the moment. Later.
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