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It figures the one time that LJ's auto-save thing doesn't screw with my postings...

Oh well. I originally started this off with a bitch-fest about the Wow commercial where they edit stuff into Office Space footage and then a question about exactly what bizarre cocktail of drugs it takes to produce Adult Swim's latest series.

And then I had to restart my browser, which is supposed to be what the Auto-save feature is for. Which naturally means that I lost my whole rant. Suffice it to say, I think the commercial is almost as stupid as Assy McGee. Let's move on.

There isn't going to be much going on gaming-wise this week, so theoretically I could put this off a while but I'm squeezing it out now before I get distracted by more shiny things.

Okay, Promethean stuff... I'll get the first two sessions written up as something of an amalgam of the two sessions we've had so far for ptc_playtest sometime in the next day or two.

This past session was a little... off. A couple of our players had to be out of town and another one couldn't make it for reasons I have no desire to get into on here (at least, not in a public post). Now, in my tabletop group, if someone can't make it, we usually either find an excuse for their character to be missing or just have them kind of fade into the background. Given how the first session ended, though, I had an easy shortcut to explain the disappearance of a few characters.

Not to sound like I was trying to railroad the players or anything, I said that the three folks who were missing were trying to chase down whatever it was that escaped from the basement of the house, which some of the PC's lost track of last game. So the remaining characters (Jane, Steve, Rudolf, and Jack) took it upon themselves to try and find Dr. Gino's house.

There wasn't a "Matthew Gino," in the phone book, although there were two people listed as "M. Gino," neither of them a doctor. Calling them both, they got no answer from the first and contacted a "Miranda Gino" at the second. Ah-hah, time for legwork!

The four of them hopped on a bus across town, causing a wave of disturbance through the passengers. They reached the apartment building where the other "M. Gino" lived. They got in and broke into his mailbox, only to find that this was a "Michael Gino." So no luck there.

They thought about it and decided to try the local universities... after all, the public computer terminals would be ideal for tracking down any computer records of Dr. Gino, and it's possible that he would be a professor at one of them. They tried Louisana Tech first, splitting up into two groups: Rudolf and Steve taking the computer lab, Jane and Jack asking around to the best of their ability about Gino's whereabouts.

Despite their best efforts (or because Jane started asking the student working at the information desk if he knew anyone who was into suspension), they only got that there wasn't anyone working on campus by that name. After some intense computer searching, though, Rudolf was able to find some old phone records that had Gino's home address.

A short trip later, and it was the middle of the night by the time they got to Gino's house. Or at least, what's left of it. It turns out that Dr. Gino used to live in one of the areas of town that still hasn't recovered from the wreck. They got to the neighborhood, looking around at the rats scurrying through the garbage and the homeless bums shifting about.

They picked up the Azothic radiance of another Promethean nearby, and before going into the house decided to check it out. They found a small clearing in the wreckage where a Promethean was clinging to the shadows downwind from a garbage fire; close enough to enjoy the heat but far enough to not have to constantly dodge stray sparks. They got his attention and had a little chat... he introduced himself as Sicky (as in, Sicky from Pandora's Book). They asked if he knew anything about Gino's house, but he didn't seem to know anything useful. Rudolf gave him a twenty-dollar bill out of some cash he found at Gino's lab and they went back to the house.

While they searched it, Jack checked to see what sorts of spirits were there. He found a spirit of wreckage there, watching the living room. It told him that Gino hadn't been there in a while, and that it had been ordered to watch the living room by a "man with burning footprints." It said that Gino and his guests would come back, and it needed to keep an eye on the house.

While combing the house, they broke a few things to 'feed' the spirit, although they found that it refused to leave the rug in the living room. They were able to find a journal that belonged to the doctor, but they didn't really have time to open it.

The session wrapped up when they heard Sicky outside pathetically yell "Guys, I think we've got trouble..."

On Friday, we ended the Changeling chronicle. I'll go into more detail on some of the feelings on that in a less public post. But, to get to what happened...

After a week of reporst of weird storms coming out of Bangladesh, the PC's were summoned by some force down to the Raksha's lair, including the mortal Jason who'd messed with them in the past. They got down there and wound up meeting it, and it made a big deal about something they'd done. It created a window and showed them something it said was their fault: a werewolf attacking a teenage boy, who was not only able to stand up to it, but started beating on it with his bicycle. They wound up attacking and apparently killing its form.

They moved on and found Rath in the next room, working on some sort of ritual. They attacked him and he took the damage, just to instantly heal. He made a big speech about how this isn't how things work any more... charging in with swords and guns and the like... I don't recall the specifics of the speech, but I do know at one point the Raksha reappeared, stepping out of nowhere as if through a curtain.

The Raksha decided to change the scenery... it snapped its fingers, and the player characters were suddenly in the middle of a monsoon... someplace... and some huge monster was fighting off to the-- y'know, I'm just gonna drop the pretense. They were sent to the middle of the fight with Ravnos to use it as the backdrop for what was to come next.

The Raksha waved its hand and produced... Harroth Balor. It said, basically, that Rath and Balor were going to have this out the way two Fae did in the olden days. We didn't explain this OOCly, but essentially Balor and Rath were going to fight a small shaping battle with the PC's as the weapons. In other words, the Changelings (and mortal) were to choose sides and slug it out to see who would win the conflict.

Almost everybody sided with Rath against Balor, oddly enough, even though the Raksha did point out that technically Balor was the lesser of two evils in this case. But to even out the odds, the Raksha (trust me, it's easier to call him 'the Raksha' than to type out his full name) produced Martin Ashbury from one of the Pentex black helicopters and dropped him onto Balor's side arbitratily.

The fight took forever... sort of. Sean and I weren't clear in the beginning on how to run aspects of it, and some of the players started to lose interest and were more of a distraction than a participant. An argument broke out between a couple of them over something stupid and petty, and fact of the matter is by then we just didn't have it in us to take it any further. It was a letdown and a disappointment such that we're most likely not going to make any big announcement over how the whole issue ended ICly-- fact of the matter is, the way things went, we're having trouble working up interest.

Now, for those few who read this and come to the game, I'm just gonna say that at about that point, the Raksha was getting tired of how the fight was going, and next thing everyone knew they were waking up the next morning with one hell of a hangover. I might do a post there about it myself, but who knows.

We're still going to give Hunter a try in what will probably be a futile effort to get all of our hard work to pay off, and sometime soon I should be putting up a link to the message board. In the meantime, we're taking a couple of weeks off.

No Vampire game on Saturday, as Greg was out of town if I recall properly. Also, Requiem was to be canceled as well as Shomo had to go home.

Sort of out of the blue, though, a couple of us wound up getting together for sort of a pickup game of Werewolf: The Forsaken run by Zac. We're not sure how regular the game will be, although we're shooting for at least the Saturday that Greg's game takes off.

I'm playing Reggie Reynolds (no deed name yet): an Irraka Bone Shadow who, as a child, wanted to explore the world but was disheartened to find out that pretty much everything had been discovered already. He went to college and tried to become an archaeologist (or at least receive training to become one's guide), so at least he could make some effort. And while his plans got put on hold when he underwent his First Change, this does mean he has a whole new world to explore when the time comes that he formally joins a pack.

The game picks up in Pittsburgh, where there has been some reshuffling of pack territory in the area. My character got to the big meeting about this early. Most of the session was taken up by Sean's and Amanda's characters... Sean's character, an Elodoth Iron Master male prostitute, was dealing with an *ahem* business transaction with a guy who turned out to be the lead guitarist of Amanda's character's band. He wound up stiffing the Elodoth on the fee, who proceeded to try and beat it out of him, and the guy tried to shoot him in return.

Naturally, the police were eventually called and went after the singer, leading Amanda's Cahalith Ghost Wolf on a chase to figure out what went on. The two of them eventually showed up at the meeting.

An issue that came up before and after the two of them arrived seperately, realized who each other were, and began fighting: There was a guy by the name of A.J. Mason who'd been photographing area Uratha in Gauru form and sending the pictures to tabloids. While trying to talk to her band singer, Amanda's character met a guy by the name of Andrew Mason claiming to be his lawyer. Naturally, as the two of them had been dragged into this, they decided to take it upon themselves to deal with Mason and find out what he knows. Reggie volunteered to keep an eye on them both to keep them in line, and that was about as far as we got. Interesting.

Okay, that's it for my gaming stuff for the moment.

Happy Turkey Day, folks.
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