MythicFox (mythicfox) wrote,

My addled brain has come around to this...

First off, before I get into anything of substance... (or at least that I can pretend is of substance)

"Hi, I'm a Mac."

"And I'm a PC. Neither of us gives each other a gift the other really wants, but I'm the bad guy when I do it because I'm older and wear a suit and the Mac is that kid from 'Waiting...' and 'Dodgeball.'"

I really hate those commercials. Is it worth it that Macs are supposedly this technological Holy Grail if that's the sort of attitude those commercials encourage in Mac users? (not that that attitude didn't precede the commercials, but I digress)

Because of National Eating Day, we only had one game this past weekend: Shomo's Requiem LARP.

The game began with Ezekial Stone drawing us together to discuss with us a message he'd received from an old colleague in Boston, a message that simply read "It's back."

And from this point on, the game became a flashback where we all took on the roles of Ezekial's coterie from the 1930's (pre-con characters), a bunch of Unbound mercenary artifact hunters in some of of a pulp adventurer style. We were hired by a mage for a mission... tracking down and destroying a book called 'The Book of the Ninth Seal' that was being held in a church in a little Maine town called Jerusalem's Lot (yes, that Jerusalem's Lot).

The mage couldn't go in himself, as the nature of the town made it impossible for the living to go in uninvited, so the ones to go after the book would have to be vampires. We traveled to the town of Jerusalem's Lot and found the crossroads where the church was set up. My character, a Mekhet gunslinger named Simon, and a Nosferatu played by Zac went in first.

We found the church thoroughly desecrated... a Black Mass had gone on, and the place looked like someone was trying to ritually summon an apocalypse or something. We heard chanting from downstairs, and my character left to update everyone else on the situation. Trying to get a better idea of what was going on (and only then remembering that my pre-constructed character had Auspex 5), I went out of body to go down there.

The entire town was in this underground chamber, performing the ritual with a book where a girl was sacrificed, a portal opened in the book, and it began to consume the townspeople. A monster began to climb out and my character snapped back to his body.

He told the rest of the Kindred on the outside what was going on, and Simon and the Nosferatu were sent in under cover of Obfuscate to kill the high priest first, and then everyone else would come in guns blazing. So we went in to find that the monster had consumed all of the townspeople, including the priest. So we just opened fire on the tentacled horror, Simon focusing first on trying to sever a silver cord that was connecting it back to the portal.

We fought it as it breathed fire on us, smacked us around with tentacles, and slowly robbed us of our sanity. Ezekial managed to grab the book and get it out of the room, while we tried to kill the monster. He set the book on fire outside and destroyed it, but in the process the creature detonated, wiping out the rest of the coterie and the church.

We then cut back to the modern day, as Ezekial finished telling us the story. He explained that the message he got was from the mage that hired his coterie to begin with, and that the creature had apparently returned. The reason he brought this up was that he was asked to go back there and try and take care of it for good, and given his experiences with us he respectfully requested our help.

We accepted, although since Sean knows his character is next-to-useless in combat he's talking about doing something more along the lines of "keeping an eye on the town and seeing if he can wrangle someone (a backup character) to go in his place."

And that's it for this past week's gaming.
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