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Computer questions

Some might argue this is either karma for my recent crack at the Mac commercials, or because I jokingly (jokingly, I tell you!) suggested I was about to take a poke at Linux users in a comment regarding said post.

But it's actually a problem that's pre-dated the comments, just a minor thing, and naturally the help files are useless in this regard so I turn to you all before I start assuming I'd get anything more than a mechanical regurgitation of help files from the company... does anyone else here have Norton Internet Security on their computer? When I replaced my computer last December, a bunch of stuff came on it, including Norton AV and Internet Security and yadda yadda yadda... well, it's done a decent job of keeping the computer clean of spyware, I'll admit, but I've had a couple of problems with it maybe someone more learned (and I mean in that in the sense where you pronounce the 'ed' as a seperate syllable: learn-ed) can help:

a) How the hell do I configure the Firewall so it'll let me receive files on AIM without having to disable it each time, and

b) How do I get it to stop randomly deciding to re-work its own rules for allowing certain programs to access the net without occasionally manually disabling it, letting the program work, and then it goes back to normal? (I swear, the thing actually blocks itself some times)

I'd appreciate any help that could be shuttled my way on the subject.

Oh, also... y'know, I've been thinking about these stories I've been hearing about people losing their grip on their Wii controllers and I think I know what's going on. I think Nintendo has decided that the video gamer population has been brought to a critical mass thanks to the relatively easy accessibility of video gaming (which was once the province of only the computer nerds and not retarded football jocks who fuckin' love cursing at people over X-Box Live while playing Halo and Madden), and has discovered a means by which to reduce the population to a reasonable level.

Either that, or they've got a warehouse full of extra-expensive 'no-slip' controllers with rubber grips just waiting for the perfect moment to release them.
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