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Yeah, yeah, yeah, my usual lack of excuses...

Nothing really major to report on my life lately, other than the fact that I'm getting a kick out of the previews for the new L5R set. (A Ratling Stronghold with 4 Provinces! Sweet!)

Here's a little discussion topic for those of you not interested in the gaming write-up... Are there any sort of RPG chronicles or stories any of you have ever wanted to run but involved going into plot territory you simply weren't qualified to do accurately? For example... Because of a Vampire character concept I came up with a long time ago combined with a throwaway reference to such in the Requiem Chronicler's Guide, I've always wondered what it would be like to run a 'medical procedural,' like House. But here's the thing... I'm not a doctor. So either I go to medical school for the purpose of running a game, start changing the names of patients from the show and using them as NPC's, or I hire a doctor to throw creative ways of presenting diseases at me.

Does anybody have anything similar they'd like to discuss wanting to do in their games?

We didn't have enough players for Promethean. 71% of my players were either busy, sleeping, or otherwise declining to attend; some of you know more about this last part, and I won't go into detail here.

Since it was the first Friday of the month, this past Friday was Dusten's Mage LARP. For those of you who care, this coming Friday will be the first session of our upcoming Hunter chronicle.

My character, along with Shomo's Hollow One and a new character brought in by Roxanne (one of the regulars at the Fae game, who doesn't claim the spotlight very often), were called together by the head of the VA chantry where my character stays. Apparently someone had discovered some sort of magical rift in one of the buildings on campus, something that connects to another umbral realm and could potentially let out something powerful. The local Hermetics were coming down to analyze the situation and determine who should be given a claim to the building (to clean it out and claim it or whatever). It was suggested that Shomo's and Roxanne's characters pick one of the two main chantries on campus so that way they can be part of the meeting to decide which chantry gets it.

After I basically told them that it's either the computer lab chantry or the greenhouse chantry (as the other chantry is run by a Verbena), they signed on with the Adepts. We all went to the meeting and met with representatives of a couple of other chantries from as far away as Pittsburgh and Charleston and basically chatted with them to convince them that we were pretty well-equipped to deal with the problem.

In the end, the voting went in the favor of the VA chantry. So it was up to us to deal with the building, although according to the chantry head (who doesn't mention his name much, mostly because he's been using the name Morpheus since before the Matrix movies came out and refuses to change it) we would need to have another series of meetings and vote multiple times.

So we decided to go ahead and get a head start on fixing whatever's wrong with the building. We went down to the finance building, and Shomo's character sends in a spirit he's on good terms with, who comes back looking like hell with reports of some sort of demon dog. As we progress towards the top floor, where the problem is, the building looks... different. It looks older, it looks like nothing in the building has been replaced in a while. We get to the room and find the rift... and a pair of demon dogs.

Shomo's character managed to put them to sleep, and then their master came out of the rift... and introduced itself as a Paradox spirit from the Paradox Realm of Forces (or whatever the proper terminology is). It explained that we were not to be there and had no claim to the building, magical or otherwise.

And we had a situation at this point. We knew the Hermetics weren't going to let this drop, and none of us were equipped to deal with it ourselves. So we did the best thing that comes to mind... we asked if it would like to meet the guy who thinks he has that authority to decide that the building and the spirit were a problem.

Naturally, it said yes. We brought it back and had it have a little chat with the guy from the Order. So the ST wouldn't have to talk to himself, he had them step off to the side to work this out. An attmepted fireball later, we've got one Hermetic locked up in a Paradox Realm and a pretty obvious decision that nobody's going to deal with the building just yet. And that's about where we wrapped things up.

Greg's Vampire game featured an attack on Charleston... an attempted siege that was meant as cover so the Dominion of the Black Hand could help claim what appears to be an angel that had fallen from the sky and was collected by the Tremere. Although the focus of the game wasn't so much on the claiming of the angel, which was handled by the Dominion and an elite strike team of characters whose players were recruited to run NPC's for the second half of the operation... the distraction allowing us to get out and also attempt to kill the Prince of the city.

So a bunch of folks charged in... first, a bunch of shovelhead cannon fodder, who fell to a series of traps. Everyone else got dragged into a pit full of pitch-soaked kindling which the Tremere Primogen set on fire from the catwalk. The climbed out and there was a huge melee. I played said Tremere, and focused my attention on killing the Salubri antitribu who'd gone into battle with his third eye fully open (can't imagine why the Tremere would target the Salubri first). In the battle, the Tremere managed to get the Salubri but was dropped by Nathaniel (Andy's Brujah) and dragged towards the escape route. The Prince finished him off so he couldn't be diablerized, and everyone else got out.

The Dominion, in the van while we were making our escape, tried feeding from the angel and exploded, leaving the same Infernalism-related mark that David Lourdes left on the ground when he was destroyed. And a bunch of us took a blast that has temporarily replaced our Paths with Humanity for a while, which will severely hose Sean's Metamorphosis 5 (and remember, folks, OWoD Vampire LARP runs off of a compressed Morality track of 1-5 rather than 1-10) Tzimisce. But that was the sum-up the siege.

On Sunday, in the Requiem game, we made our way up to Jerusalem's Lot. On the way we met up with a Carthian bruiser since our Prince isn't much of a fighter (coincidentally played by Sean). We also had a brief chat with the Mage that Ezekial knew back in the 30's. We went up to the town, having the tires on one of our vehicles torn up by road spikes on the way. We got out to see what happened and were ambushed by some locals who were wearing what looked like patched-up clothes that were no newer than 30 years old. We managed to drop two into Torpor and stake the third and interrogated him for information. We didn't get much out of him (mostly some ranting about how his master was getting ready for what was going to happen) and just left them out there for the sun.

We made our way into town and Ezekial could see the same mystic black haze that hovered over the town before, centered on the big house on the hill. We went to the house and encountered a young woman, obviously a vampire, who attempted to stop us by using Nightmare to drive off all of us but Ezekial and Kyle. We dropped her in a single combat round and finished her. At that point, we decided that the simplest thing to do would be to set it ablaze. The vampires' master, a guy by the name of Barlow, escaped and we fought him. In the battle, Zac's Gangrel fell to Barlow's own claws and we managed to take him down afterwards. We claimed the book to bring it to the Mage for proper disposal for good measure.

As the group of us left, we were surrounded by a crowd of wide-eyed vampires who came out of the houses. One of them asked if he was really dead, and Ezekial just growled at him. They stepped aside and let us pass.

We brought the book back to Boston and passed it off to the Mage, who presumably (as near as we could tell ICly) destroyed it. And we went back to Fairmont, Carthian in tow. I'm really not sure how to expound on that any further.

And there we go. Wrapped up nice and tight. Later.
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