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This amuses me greatly. More amusing than I normally find Linux jokes.

My car's acting up, and I need to take it in and have it looked at. As near as myself and Shomo can tell, the guys at Grease Monkey seem to have screwed up my vehicle. I've never had a problem with their service before, but then this is the first time I've taken this particular vehicle to them. So who knows?

I've been teaching Shomo how to play L5R, and I'm pleased to say that he's been grasping it pretty well.

As previously mentioned, this past week's Promethean game was mostly a scene and a half, between a number of folks who weren't able to make it (if one of the players hadn't had to go through something of an ordeal to get there, I'd have probably just cancelled) and the place where we usually play closing early.

The session picked up with Jack, Steve, and Rudolf going outside to see what all the fuss was about (Jane's player couldn't make it. There were a couple of guys out there with very large handguns insisting on taking them to meet somebody. Apparently some guy known as "The Baron" was requesting their presence.

They were led into a rundown apartment building and into a small living room where a Haitian man with a top hat and sunglasses met with them and bade them sit down. He spoke with them briefly, asking them questions about what they know about a half-dozen or so of his people having disappeared earlier that night in an old house near the bayou. They claimed to not know anything, and Rudolf attempted to make a break for it, actually bouncing off what seemed to be some sort of mystical-seal on the window.

The Baron politely requested that they return to the house and collect as much of the ashes there as they can, afterwards returning them to him to be disposed of properly. And to ensure that nothing funny would be tried, they proceeded to lead the three into another room, where they watched a man referred to as Josue perform some sort of voodoo-styled ritual and then slump into a trance.

We left off about there, not having much choice at the time.

We had preludes and character creation for the Hunter game on Friday. We've got a B-movie actor Visionary (in a nutshell, he would have starred in Evil Dead had Bruce Campbell not already been a friend of the Raimis) originally from West Virginia who's returned to his hometown following his Imbuing while filming the climax of a vampire movie starring a real vampire (similar to 'Shadow of the Vampire') as one of the characters. We've also got a homeless ex-teacher Avenger Imbued when a couple of guys try to kidnap another homeless man off the street; as well as an Avenger cop, a Martyr mythology student, a Judge politician, and a Redeemer cancer patient who were all Imbued at a movie theater where a vampire feeding on the audience accidentally pissed off a werewolf who was just enjoying the film.

I'm not going to get into the further details of the Imbuings unless folks really want to hear them (and I wasn't present for all of the movie theater scene anyhow, running Imbuing preludes for the homeless guy and the actor off to the side).

In 'The Last Midnight,' everyone got together to discuss regrouping after recent events. Almost every superior member of the Sabbat we've encountered in town has turned out to be an impostor of some sort, an Infernalist, or has been murdered. We have to assume that we're on our own and thus have formed into a single pack with Simon as the priest.

While the meeting was going on, though, Simon felt a disturbance... something approaching the temple. He went out-of-body with Auspex 5 and found that the Ahrimane elder that had been released from the cave in the woods was checking the place out, having sensed the taint of Infernalist magics on it. He explained to her that his allies wanted to get rid of the Infernalists as well. She explained that Morgantown (or at least parts of it) used to be a ritual ground that she used for her own purposes that had since been perverted. Having agreed to work alongside her rather than against her when dealing with the Infernalists, he returned to his body after watching her transform into a phoenix and leave.

He explained his encounter to the others upon his return, and we gathered what we knew about the Infernalist threat. Evan, having found some evidence linking the Baali in Montreal to a WVU department in Morgantown, suggested we check out the building. There was a massive debate back and forth over whether or not it wouldn't just be smarter to leave Morgantown, with Erik being the primary (and only) proponent of just getting the hell out of town. He argued that nothing we do seems to matter, as all of our adventures seem to involve busting our asses just to watch someone else actually get things done. Everyone else shot him down, though, and we agreed that we couldn't allow anyone to go off alone until the issue was dealt with-- because if we didn't do something, then who would?

We went to the WVU building that may provide a link to the Infernalist presence, and Simon checked it out in Astral form again as a storm raged overhead (which was caused by the Ahrimane elder, as near as we could tell). He found a couple of vampires inside but no bizarre threats or traps, so we went in. We tracked down the first vampire, a Giovanni in the city who was merely breaking into the files for the name and address of someone who owed him some money. We determined he wasn't a threat and went on our way.

We just missed the other vampire, but managed to find his office. There were a couple of stones on it and Simon used Spirit's Touch to determine that they'd been handled by the guy who just left... whose appearance apparently corresponds to a Salubri who was revealed to be a threat a while back (some story thread I'd apparently missed out on entirely). John Consomane destroyed the stones and was almost infected by some sort of spiritual contagion that Simon determined through a diablerie-absorbed memory had once infected the Voice of the Free State.

Simon flipped out, insisting that John was now cursed, that it was a sign of Gehenna and such... but he seemed to fight it off and we moved up to the roof.

Someone was up there doing some sort of ritual as he was being struck by lightning over and over again. We managed to disrupt his concentration and the elder, Raika (I think that's how it's spelled), landed and leveled the building.

We all leapt off, taking severe damage in the process as we hit the pavement. Erik used blood form to escape into a grate on the bottom that led to an underground ritual chamber that was rapidly filled in by the collapsing building. He oozed his way out, and everyone who was still conscious regrouped outside.

Raika explained that the Infernalists had stolen her rightful ritual spaces, and that we'd picked up a few clues in the office with the stones that would lead us to the Salubri responsible. She got rid of the force that had forced all of us back onto Humanity and left after saying a few things I can't quite recall at the moment and we called it a night about that point.

The Requiem game was more like two smaller sessions combined into one, that wound up really turning a lot of the storyline on its ear.

We returned from Maine to find a massive branch of the Bruja vampire gang ransacking Fairmont. We spoke with them, asked them to try and keep the Masquerade breaches to a minimum, and just kept an eye on things for a while. Fact of the matter is, they outnumbered us some 50 to 3 (including their mortal and ghoul flunkies) and it would just be easier to rebuild.

We did hear a howling sound from the woods just outside of town, though, and while investigating found out that a few of them had cornered and were fighting a werewolf. Sean's new character, a Carthian by the name of Knuckle, hit him with a truck hard enough to take him out so he and Ally could finish him off quickly. In the process, a couple of the Bruja were knocked torpid we dragged them back to town.

While we were returning the torpid Bruja, the leader of the gang commented that they'd just gotten in from Morgantown, at which point Kyle commented that he was probably going to have to hear from Ezekial about this... and at that point, Ezekial showed up.

He managed to intimidate them into leaving and bypassing their planned trip to Clarksburg. They left, and Kyle had Ally call the Bishop there to warn them just in case the Bruja decided to stop in.

We were recovering from the encounter when those of us in the parlor at the Elysium watched events unfold on the video monitor that displayed the Prince's panic room... Ezekial Stone came in and killed the Prince, and then took the special private elevator up to the parlor.

Everyone prepared to face off against him, and Kyle simply asked "Is this how we're going to do it, then? No big speech? Fine." And then he drew a dagger and attacked Ally. Kyle, I mean. Not Ezekial.

For those of you who didn't know already from certain filtered posts, Kyle has, this entire time, been an infiltrator. An Akhud infiltrator, who along with Ezekial proceeded to kill Knuckle (we felt really shitty about killing off both of Sean's characters in one night, especially a new one, but Shomo's character was a little too powerful and that was just how the battle went), while Ally managed to escape and seek help with the Bishop/Prince of Clarksburg, Abraham Von, reporting on the Ordo Dracul's takeover of Fairmont.

And that was where we left off...

Okay, I think that's it for the moment. Later, folks.
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