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Random stuff that's going on with me

Okay, the car is officially 'in the shop,' as they say. My dad listened to it while he was over here installing some venetian blinds and thinks it's a problem with the fuel pump, which means that unless Grease Monkey did something really ridiculous in there they shouldn't have it looks like I won't be able to pin it on them and save myself a few bucks on repairs. Damn.

Also, I finally got a replacement remote control opener for my garage. The bad news is, is that it looks like the battery that came with it is near-dead, as the range on it seems to be about six inches or so. And as the battery is a 9-volt, then I have to go out and actually get a fresh battery... because while the 9-volt battery is a noble hunk of metal and chemicals (or more accurately, according to my research, a noble half-dozen or so AAAA batteries rubber-banded together), it is not one that is commonly used and thus not commonly kept around the house. I mean, the only one my grandmother had on-hand was one from back when Duracell started putting expiration dates on their batteries, and it ran out in March of 2004. Of course, it's not like I'm going to be using the remote for a couple of days anyhow. If it's not something that can be fixed by closing time tomorrow, it looks like I might have to be bumming rides from Shomo to Morgantown this weekend. But that happens sometimes, I guess. It could be worse. I mean, I am going to be chipping in for gas, obviously.

On what may seem like a weird note, I've got a friend who recently returned from a trip outside the US... but she had almost no place to go when she returned, as she wasn't able to return to the house where she'd previously been living (it was sold by the landlord or torn down or something, I can't recall). She's staying with a friend of a friend but apparently it's not a very good situation. So does anybody know someone who lives in/near Philadelphia who might be looking for a roommate? My friend can help out with rent and bills and the like, and doesn't have any pets or anything like that. I'm just trying to see if I can possibly scare her up a better place to live.
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